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Do Squats make you sick?

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  • Do Squats make you sick?

    It seem every time I squat, I feel sick to my stomach towards the end of my leg workout. If I leg press I'm fine, but the squat kicks my ass. Anyone else feel this way after a hard 4 to 5 sets of squats. I start with 15 reps the first set, and work my way down to 6 reps. Maybe because I'm 46 years old and I try to train like I did when I was 25.
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    How long do you wait to train after you eat? If I train legs less than two hours after I've eaten I get the same way.
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      I almost puke after every leg day ! Yet I do squats and deads on the same day.
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        That is usually the sign of a darn good workout!! So it is nothing out of the ordinary, thats usually how every leg workout ends for me, but extensions and presses tend to calm that feeling, but a question are you having and milk close to your workouts, that will definitely cause a sick feeling during legs, due to it stirring up your stomach with training such a major body part.
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          You can try and mitigate it by focusing on training in the higher rep ranges for a while. I could never go beyond 8 reps without borderline puking on that final set, but after I focused hard on high rep leg pressing (20 - 40 reps) and higher rep front squats, the feeling went away. I can hit 11 - 15 reps now before I get that feeling coming on.


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