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Can bodybuilders target and develop the "inner" chest?

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    If you have broad shoulders, the chest seems to take longer to fill out compared to a guy with narrower clavicles. My upper & inner chest are slowly starting to come on, but the lower chest & outerr upper chest developed first -everyone else I know with broad shoulders has this problem and I often get people with well developed chests come up to me & ask what I do to get such great shoulders - I answer very little, except that I've been swimming since I was a kid.

    One thing I don't believe, though is that the build we start out with will stay the same only get bigger. If that were so, what would be the point of bodybuilding at all? If your legs overshadow your whole upper body, don't train them! The upper body will catch up & your proportions will change. If you have chicken legs but a great torso then focus mainly on legs for a few months, doing just a few sets of pushups & pullups for upper body until your legs catch up. if your bis are underdeveloped because you use a rubbish range of motion, then you drop the ego lifts and start curling properly their shape will change. If your stomach's big because of visceral fat, it will get smaller as the rest of you gets bigger because your bf percentage will drop.


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      Originally posted by Jeremy24 View Post
      whats always has helped my whole chest develop including inner chest is dips. I like to throw dips in at the end of my workout. 3-4 sets for as many reps as possible. some people like to add wieght, but it hurts my shoulders.

      I had a dream last night that I was doing dips leaning very forward and my shoulders got swole!!!


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        Originally posted by Norway Power View Post
        Yes it's another chest training thread. I have a week chest but I'm realy lacking a inner chest, can you help me by giving me some tips to help grow my inner chest, thanks.
        The two types of people I have seen with REAL inner chest development are bodybuilders on juice and skinny guys. You can really see those skinny guys with inner chest development because of low bodyfat percentage. The key is to get you percentage down and add cable flyes in addition to your presses or pec decks.