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Army, Navy, Marines, or Coast Guard...Tell me stories...Im going to enlist

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  • I'm in the Army and love it, it's too easy. Be there on time, keep your trap shut, do what you're told and always look busy. Do these things and you will survive.


    • I served in the US Coast Guard, 1989-93, really enjoyed it, did 90 percent law enforcement, and then when I was in the Reserves from 93-97, went to Panama and Turkey, which was cool for a Coastie.

      If anyone has any questions about the Coast Guard, or law enforcement, PM me, it's all I've done the last 20 years.

      If I was a kid today, I'd join the Army if you want a good general branch with lots of opportunities. Marines if you want to be the most hardcore. Air Force has good opportunities and the nicest, most "plush" bases. Coast Guard is nearly all law enforcement and has fewer opportunities, the military aspect is in the rank/rates and tours doing port security like I did, overseas or around the Navy.

      The Navy just blows.


      • Originally posted by Strikerrjones View Post
        If you're looking into fitness in the military, you're seriously on your own. If you join the air force or navy, you're going to have almost no exercise at all except for what you do yourself. If you join the army or the marine corps, you're going to do a lot of calisthenics and running. If you're lucky in the Marines, you might get somebody in charge of you that has jumped on the crossfit bus but the odds are against it. You'll most likely get somebody that has no idea how to formulate a good exercise program in charge of you telling you what to do, and it will frustrate the shit out of you because you'll know more about fitness than them and won't be able to do what you want. If I were you, I'd go with the air force because you get the greatest chance of living your life the way you want with them. If you're in an intelligence field, you'll be doing just as much as any of the Marines, soldiers, or sailors and you'll have a lot more personal freedom. I joined the Marines and every time my dumbass commanding officer has us run at a slow pace for 6 miles and do flutter kicks (the single most worthless exercise ever) I wish to the high heavens I had joined the air force.
        I don't know... I love to do flutter kicks and I am pretty sure my abs are way better than yours. If need be... I might even prove it to you, RSG. lol. I also got to do my own exercises and tell others what exercises to do but that is because I am so special. I loved the Marine Corps!

        6 miles at a slow pace did hurt my knee more so I will give you that.