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Hi!! Some help here please!

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    Supersets are reallyyyy great for loosing fat and gainning a lot of muscle. last year in 2 months I lost like 15 pounds of fat and gained 11 of muscle. Supersets and Trisets are great. really love it and you will sweat a shitloaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. and if your doing cardio you have to eat carbs or you could get fucked. just eat right carbs, wheat bread, small quantities of rice. White meat is really good when you want to lose weight too. there are lots of ways, but carbs are important wen exersising.


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      Originally posted by chinoboricua View Post
      Cool!!! I have the bowflex at home and Im working out almost every day! Is the bowflex a good source for what I want? Other thing I am using Xenadrine with a very ecstricted diet. Oatmeal in the mornings, salads for luch and dinner (w/chicken of course). Should I change something else? this is my 2nd week onthe pils and diet and I havent senn any changes on my weight or body!!
      I woudnt trust some of does pills they can fuck you up in the long run, but dude the solution is cardi. walkin with sweats. a little bicycle running every once in a while and swimming is the best you can do for yur kneees.


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        swimming is by far the 2nd best complete body cardio program..the first being Cross Country skiing...It is however the ultimate for joint/bone impact and absolute strength/endurance building = fat burning...and you get to hang out in a pool, beats freezing your B*lls off


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          I would suggest as soon as you wake up doing some low intensity cardio for at least 20-30 min because your body has nothing but fat to burn after fasting all night. Second if while your working out you cut out almost all rest time by adding in some filler exersies (pushups, situps, anything that helps keep your heart rate up) in between sets you will burn much more calories while building lean mass.


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            Bro, Get a bicycle. Mountain bike is great. You can get a dual suspension Mongoose from wal mart for a good price. I do that and I ruptured my knee. The navy wouldnt do surgery on me. So, I had to heal on my own. Biking is great. Get a helmet, and a lock. You can ride to a gym, or to the store. Its more fun than walking cause you can go farther. Good luck.


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              Hey man, I'm also a disabled veteran. I have problems with the way my brain connects to my nerves (sends strange signals, like spasming, locking up joints/muscles, and constant pain...sometimes weakness) and I have dislocated can imagine I have a fun time.

              While I was in the service and watching my body change (as the disability developed, but before the diagnosed it), I was unable to do cardio anymore. What I did was kept my same lifting diet and still hit the gym to lift...just didn't do it for legs. I was still able to lose 1lb of and 1% body fat every two weeks. I'm a woman, so it will probably be more substantial to you as a guys tend to burn up more fat than we do.

              Your diet still needs to support what you are able to do, but do it with whole, natural, unprocessed know, the "good stuff" that your great great-grandparents would have recognized as food. No artificial bullshit, including that sugar-free shit. Just give your body what it knows how to process...that's what it's good at.

              On top of this, yoga is great for strengthening the tendons and ligaments (helped me completely fix a knee injury I got while skiing in my teen years), and is also cardiovascular. My recommendation is to either go to a yoga class or get a yoga DVD so you know what's expected of you. The postures (poses) in yoga are done very's really different from doing cardio or weights because the whole body must be focused on, from the joints to the muscles to the breathing...even your gaze matters. Once you get the hang of it, feel free to get a yoga book and do this from home if you'd rather. I like How To Do Astanga Yoga And Meditation by Jean and Doriel Hall. You can find it on for as cheap as $13. The nice thing about this book is they have full descriptions of the poses, how to ease into the pose, how to make the pose more difficult, large pictures to see what you're doing, and also warnings on certain poses (example: some poses are bad to do if you, say, have a low back injury, so they tell you to skip over them).

              A walking DVD, like Walk Away The Pounds, will also help. This is a low-impact exercise but the structure of the DVD allows you to push yourself instead of just marching in place.
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