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how hard is it to move up in rank?

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  • how hard is it to move up in rank?

    and what all has to be done to do so? anybody know?

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    each branch of service is very different. I spoke with an Army cat and you have to go in front of a board of Master Sergeant and what not and they give the thumbs up or down. I know in the Marine Corps they give you Private First Class (E-2) and Lance Corporal (E-3) after a certain period of time. 6 months for PFC and 9 months for Lcpl. For Corporal you have a variety of things that affect your Composite Score. How well you are physically fit ie. 3 mile run, pullups, situps. Proficiency and Conduct Scores ( how well you perform and professionalism) whether or not you have your variety of tests completed 7 for Corporal and 8 for Sergeant. All this and your Rifle Qualification score. All in all its actually pretty easy to pick up as long as you can PT, shoot, and keep your nose clean. Sorry about the ranting and raving. Kind of got on a tangent. IDK what branch your looking at but thats what I know.


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      sry for the late response, but thanks for the incite : )

      i'm in the Airguard/Airforce reserves right now, but trying to go Airforce active...haven't been to basic or tech yet though..just doing drills


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        Airforce you have to take a written test


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          shit no common sense on waps (weight airmen promotion) testing know some af history and kiss some ass ull be chief in no time


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            Navy is really dependent on your job classification and the number of billets available at each rank. I made E6 in 4.5 years but most job classifications it takes significantly longer.
            "The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it."
            John Ruskin


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              ^I moved from E-1 to E-5 right on time. A meritorious advancement would have been sweet, though.

              Would have been able to test for E-6 a year after I left the service.

              When I made E-5, things were wide open for journalists but the following test, well, things were closed up pretty tight. There's a good amount of luck for advancement, imo.