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  • looking for any ideas

    im a us army soldier deployed in Iraq. Id love to have a set schedule so i can get on some sort of routine but it doesn't seem to be happening any time soon. With that in mind, i was curiosu if any one who had been deployed before or just knows the on the go lifestyle can gime some suggestions on ways to keep fit while away fromt eh gym.

    i know the smple ones like run, push ups and sit ups. but iw as curious of there were any neat things that others did and had results.

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    Have buddies lay rucksacks over your back for pushups, put your feet up on a barrack box or foot locker for an incline. You can do dips if you stack enough barrack boxes on topo of one another. I was a C9 gunner (M249), so I used my empty ammo can filled with rocks as a dumbell. Its all about improvisation. Good luck man, and stay safe.


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      hooah! good shit! keep those ideas coming!