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    all very good responses. but as a captain in the Air Force right now. i would say with a B.S. you can become and will become an officer. it will take you more then likley separating from the Navy first tho. bottom line you need a good recruiter and not a forum to help you. because the Air Force does offer alot. one is a higher standard of living. we are civilized after all.


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      Well just spoke to an Air Force recruiter and they lead me to the inscruction AFRSI 36-2001. Aparently I am able to switch and she said I should be able to keep my rank as long as I went Security Forces, because it is a similar MOS. I see your high year tenure is 10 years now for Senior Airmen. How hard is it to advance in the Air Force? I am an E-4 now and have been in the Navy 1 year and 6 months. What is the probability of me making E-6 by 10 years if I come into the Air Force?