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How much protein intake is recomended?

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    1 gram per LB is more than enough, and not your total body weight but just your LMB.


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      Originally posted by christopher a barnard View Post
      Hello all,
      I would like to know for sure, since I have gathered everyone here has enough experience to answer this question. How much protein intake is recomended when dieting and weight training w/cardio?. I have been told by experts in nutrition that I am taking too much protein in. Let tell you my routine: I weight train on a empty stomach in the early morning, I take a suppliment that helps me with boosting my energy and latic acid buffering, after workout I take a 50 gram protein shake, three hours later I eat breakfest: egg whites(4 eggs), non-fat chesse, 1/4 cup mushrooms, high fiber waffles. Lunch is healthy meal frozen, low sodium, 20 grams of protein, 30 grams carbs. Next meal is the same frozen meal. Dinner is a protein shake in a can 52 grams protein, 30 grams carbs, 6 grams fat. When I get home I do a fast pace walk on a treadmill, soon I am going to be running on the the treadmill. A nutrition expert says it is too much protein for me to lose 130 lbs. My info about me is this I weigh in at 366 lbs my height is 5' 11" and my age is 48, what I need to know is this acceptable or do I need to increase or decrease protein levels. I thank you all for your time and efforft in reaqding this and giving me a resaonable answer, so I would appreciate it if I can get a response soon.

      Thanks again,

      Christopher A Barnard
      i prefer to go with a percentage of Kcals needed. 3818 Kcals is the amount of Kcals that u need a day to maintain ur body weight. @35% of ur daily need being protien (a max rec value) would be about 334 grams of protien aday. the amount of protien that can be obsorbed at a meal depends on the individuals urea synthasis which cant really be obtained with out taking a muscle "core" sample.

      now the equation i used maybe out of date due to it was a few yrs since i got it in class and i didnt kno your activity lvl. so yea just a guideline or suggestion

      i would also eat a lil something, that way it would wake up ur metabolism so ur body wont be conterdictering itself with sleep and exercise. eating something small will be able to wake up ur body.


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        1gram per lb of lbm all the way to 1.5 gram per pound of bw. Try at the lower end and work way up if needed.


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          Originally posted by jorgegarate View Post

          Sarcastic? jaja thanks
          How easy and how quick do you recover from training 4 hours a day ?


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            Originally posted by GeorgeForemanRules View Post
            1 gram per LB is more than enough, and not your total body weight but just your LMB.

            Adults whose lifestyle is not particularly active are advised to consume approximately 0.75 g of protein per kilogram of body weight daily. On average, it is 55 g for men and 45 g for women.