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Flexing after a lift at 6'0 and 220lbs. This is what you call power! And im hott!

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  • Flexing after a lift at 6'0 and 220lbs. This is what you call power! And im hott!

    This was the last exercise i did and the machine STILL cant handle my all natural raw power! Just goes to show how powerful im becoming all naturally that i can do one of the toughest chest machines ive ever tried for easy sets of 4 sets of 8 reps with 2mins rest... Just goes to show how powerful my chest really is... This is what you call real power! This is what you call real muscle! WOW I AM SO HOTT! Just goes to show the kind of mentality i have...

    Ive done alot of different chest machines and this is one of the toughest... There are others that i can easily do the full stack for sets of 50 reps or more ..... But i never use them because they are too easy... This is all chest.. Theres barely any arms involved in doing this at all....I usually overload this machine with individual weights to add on around 55lbs of extra weight when i do my lower reps...Still cant believe i did this , that easilly after lifting for 2 hours.

    Then after this did an extremely extremely extremely tough 4 by 200 workout at the track in full clothing in 37 degree weather and a light drizzle.. had a really good time and was alot of fun... Did the 200s in a total time of 1:59.32 which is a really good time at this weight and at 37 degrees out and in full clothing and after a gym workout... did
    200- 30.00
    200- 31.57 shouldve been 30.5 because i had to swerve around a soccer goal net into lane 8 that i never even noticed was on the track... was going to do it in lane 2 but there was too many snow and ice piles in lane 2.. figures there would be a soccer goal net in my way as i was coming around the bend... Tried to make up for it but just wasted too much energy...
    200- 28.88
    200- 28.87 On the last rep i really made sure to get in alot of christmas music and do a grand finale movement on that last 200.. Really tried to go into a different mindset and just really go all out on that last 200

    Then after this workout did a resistance tube workout ,,, then did my heavy resistance extra heavy duty rubber band workout for my hips and butt..
    Then did an ab workout and forearm workout
    for the forearm workout i have 35lbs of weight that i made myself tied to a string and thats connected to a bar..
    I have to use 35lbs or more on it to get a workout

    I went to this one gym and there was one just like mine with only 10lbs on it... thats not enough to handle my all natural power.
    Then after this did more abs and another band workout ,, was alot of fun and on a side note why am i so hot?
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    The world's best spoon's player


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      you are an even better troll than rocky.
      "Feel ill as fuck - not sure if it is protein powder or tren?"-bigdog123


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        Could only get the first rep of the 200 on film due to the light drizzle... Did this about 2 hours after lifting... Was still sore from lifting... This is what you call power!


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          ANd on a side note just goes to show how powerful my winter program is that for the first time ever im training at the track in the winter time in an effort to run 48.93 at 6'0 210lbs next year and that now that im doing both the gym workouts and the track workouts i STILL am gaining muscle and gaining weight.. Already up to 220lbs from 210lbs just over a month ago.. Just goes to show i know exactly what to do and how smart i really am. Going to go listen to more christmas music to get even hotter. should be fun... Then eating soy later dont know the caloric content but know it will be alot.


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            Mr. O ain't got shit on you supahman.