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Flexing at 6'0 and 218LBS. 100 percent all natural. Just goes to show how hott im becoming.

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    Isn't it this time of year when there's a "MD Award's of the Year" thread? This guy got the "Most Delusional of 2013" award in the bag. Haha!


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      Originally posted by track400meters1 View Post

      Did this workout then flexed after it for a few seconds to show off my power... I dont take shortcuts.. I dont take the easy way out in nothing.. Just goes to show how powerful im becoming all naturally.. I am 100 percent all natural.. Being all natural is the greatest thing about me...
      This seated chest machine is tough.. tougher than any other seated chest machine i have tried in numerous gyms but yet it still somehow cant handle my raw all natural power and i still have to over load this machine by 35 lbs just to do 4 sets of 4 reps at 6'0 and 218lbs.. was too easy too.. and did this after bench and lots of other exercises too.. On other easy chest machines i can do the full stack for sets of 50 or more if i wanted, thats how easy they are... They are all tooo easy and all need twice the amount of weight just to be able to handle my chest...

      Did this then ...........
      You certainly are all natural......anyone can see that.


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        Originally posted by jcuadrado06 View Post
        Must of listend to the correct ratio of christmas music and heavy metal to run this fast..

        Haha funniest thing I heard all year
        The question is.. What is the correct ratio of Christmas music to heavy metal?
        1 : 2
        2 : 5
        maybe the reverse?
        Also I want to know if hymns classify as Christmas music?
        *Brotherhood of iron *


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          LOL, at first I thought this guy is full of himself...then after seeing the other posts I realized he's GOT to be teasing...i hope.