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Flexing at 6'0 and 221 lbs. Got stronger must have listnd to correct ratio of christmas music

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  • Flexing at 6'0 and 221 lbs. Got stronger must have listnd to correct ratio of christmas music

    And on a side note i am so hot.. I just got hotter from my 4 by 200 workout the other day.. was alot of fun.. Ate soy afterwards to make sure that my muscle fibers got denser.. Right now im in my basememt doing dumbell curls, listening to christmas music and heavy metal, and doing bench press on my workout bench from 1994... Doing leg ext too on it......Then going to my garage to make a soy, butter, wedding soup, green bean, lettuce, and dashes of candy shake, dnt know the caloric content yet but know it will be alot , prob 5600 calories.. I was at the gym the other day and couldnt believe how hott i looked... Did 405 for 4 easy sets of 8 parallel on squats.. then did a very tough workout.. I was really getting everything done.

    Oh and i forgot something.. From now on when i do any type of running workout im making sure to listen to my ipod the whole time and listening to christmas music.. its not going to weigh me down.. Just thought about this.. So everytime i run a 400 meter dash im going to wear my ipod and listen to christmas music and heavy metal the whole race.. should be alot of fun.. and should make me stronger..

    I am now 3 times as strong as 2004 all naturally ,, just goes to show how powerful im getting all naturally .. should be fun. And being all natural is the greatest thing about me.. Well i under estimated how powerful ive been getting and i originally didnt want to get up to this high of a body weight this winter.. i only wanted to get to 220 by june before i really start up the hard track workouts but since i am already at 221 now then im just going to go for 225 and then stay at that weight all winter,, and its going to be tough too to stay at that weight seeing that ill be runnning the same exact track workouts that produced my 53.78 last year at 210 for two weeks priior leading up to that race, the same exact workout plan all winter long.. Should be fun.

    And on a side note im hot and i just did another dumbell curl as i was typing this to get even more powerful..

    looks like im getting so powerful that if i wasnt doing my track workouts this winter then i would be 240lbs..
    Doing the 400 meter dash all out later this week to see what i can get..should be fun. Need 57 or better to stay ahead of last winter where i didnt do any racing in the winter and was at basically 1:01 speed all winter long, but yet again really dont know because i didnt do any 400s all out till jan..

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    but are you stronger and hotter?
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      heres the workout in the snow.. was really fun and really tough to run in 2inches of snow. So i cant even relate this workout to anything and have no clue where im at in the 400 right now until i run it later this week.. We will see if the snow and the christmas music produces a decent time in the 400 for right now.. at around 220lbs.

      200- 49.55
      200- 49.10
      200- 48.10
      200- 43.59

      That last one i really just did a grand finale movement on the track and really just tried to get in as much christmas music before the race as i could... Didnt have my mirror to pose but really did a good run on that last one. Was alot of fun. This was tough.. BUT
      i really didnt have that much lactic acid build up so i dont know if the cold prevented that or what.... Or i dont know if i just was going so slow that i couldnt really get the lactic acid to build up or what...

      But i pushed myself and it was tough so we will have to see if this makes me better in the 400.. I dont know yet.


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        But did that snow workout also make you stronger and hotter?
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          I can't believe how near Christmas is now and on a side note how naturally powerful hott you are. Should indeed be fun....
          Confirm what I already know


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            ...I base my life upon this guy's teachings!

            But one thing though, does he train in a Christmas jumper? That's whats most important I believe...

            MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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              Awful gimmick account...there are no good trolls anymore.


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                I use to want to punch this kid in the mouth.

                However.... This shit is hilarious now.
                All I need to do is be me , if you like me great if you don't then move along cause I don't have time for nonsense..... Lil Mama