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Testosterone Results for 20 year old

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  • Testosterone Results for 20 year old

    Hey guys,

    About a year ago I got my testosterone levels tested after screwing with some oral steroids for a while and also an injectable cycle. I was 19 and worried that I had done some permanent damage to my endocrine system. I got my levels tested and they were 427 ng/dl which I thought was pretty low at the time. But, given the circumstance I figured staying natty would allow my body to go back to normal.

    A year later, two weeks ago, I got another blood test that actually showed total and free test levels. (unlike the first test). I wanted to post them and get feedback on whether or not they are good or bad for my age if they can still improve.


    Total Testosterone: 460 ng/dl
    Testosterone % Free+Weak: 28.0 <<<<< is this a percentage?
    Testosterone Free/Weakly Bound: 128.8 <<<<<is this ng/dl or picograms /dl?
    TSH (uIU/mL): 3.142 <<< <<results say this is High. range ( .300-3.000)

    Questions are because aside from total test so units of measure were given
    How do these fair for my age? 20 years old

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    You have no business using steroids son.


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      I understand that. Thats why I havent touched them in over a year. I dont plan on using them anymore. Im just wanting to see where I stand as a natty lifter with natty hormone levels...

      I understand your advice though. Thanks

      Any comments on the results?