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AICAR and the science exposed

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  • AICAR and the science exposed

    Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about AICAR and the benefits it brings to the table, but it seems those benefits are overplayed. In a recent, article about AICAR it was clearly shown that it's overpriced and causes potential heart problems. We started discussing it and many people do agree with the assessment. It's best for the obese and overweight but for the lean guys there isn't a huge benefit. Forums - OFFICIAL Muscular Development Sponsor

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    there really isn't much info out there about AICAR. I'm glad you posted this, its good information


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      I've never used it, but I have read into it some me learned a decent amount about it. On its own, it seems fairly weak and overhyped. However, it does have some synergy when ran in conjunction with GW-501516 to further enhance the benefits. I have had great success with GW, so AICAR is something I would consider adding to it possibly at some point for possibly even more enhancement in fat loss and endurance


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        I never used it but i hear its works well with gw 501516.I must say though,its very alarming that Abnormal growths of heart tissues and heart valve function have also been altered in animal studies that used AICAR


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          The thing is, the same people who say the test subjects took HUGE doses of AICAR (and imply that means it is not a good substance) also ignore that huge doses were given with GW50 and yet say that GW50 is amazing. The experiments used 10mg/kg of body weight. So for a 90kg man, that would mean 900mg a day! It has to be both or none - ignore the huge doses with both PEDs or allow them with both PEDs. Selectively calling out one while ignoring the other is wrong.

          That said, I had been running GW50 at 20mg a day for several months and loved it. My endurance increased dramatically and my recovery time between sets did as well. To quantify the endurance, I went from dreading to do 20 minutes of 135bpm cardio (and being a lifeless blob afterwards) to actually enjoying doing 40 minutes of 135bpm cardio and not feel all that bad afterwards. The stuff simply works.

          So, in the benefit of low grade science, I have shifted to using AICAR. I made sure my GW50 ran out and took nothing for a few days to let it exit my system. I also did no cardio during those few days. I then started using AICAR at 25mg a day. I did not notice any reduction in endurance - still doing the same cardio levels as with the GW and have the same feelings. I did notice I do not get the "feeling" that I get when using GW. Dunno how to describe it, but I can feel that I am being "helped" by the GW when I get deep into cardio and I do not get that from AICAR. This is possibly due to AICAR being a substance the body naturally produces.

          After this bottle is done (should last a month), I am going to run GW50 again, then a few weeks of neither, and do a final comparison. So far, though, the two seem to have the same effect for me - and it is one I like. The big thing AICAR has over GW50 is that t works even if you do NOT exercise. GW50 requires you to exercise for it to kick in and start working.
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            I have had amazing results with the gw50......endurance like no other