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Lifting's affect on the heart?

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  • Lifting's affect on the heart?

    Hey every one, its been a long time since i posted here.

    Ive been lifting hard for a long time and Im pretty happy with my results.

    I recently changed careers and have become a certified Paramedic. Part of that is an extensive section on cardiology (study of the heart) and this lead me to wonder...

    To be as simple as I can the heart is a muscle and will grow in reaction to increased work load..just like all muscle. Yes its a different kind of muscle, but muscle just the same.

    With that in mind, I am curious if there is any research out there regarding powerlifting's effect on the heart? or what conditions lifters tend to get later in life? or really feanding for knowledge but having a VERY hard time finding any

    If any one knows any thing or can point me in a direction I would appreciate it!


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    as my research continues, ive come on AHS (athletes heart syndrome) which suggests that power lifters can in fact get LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy) which can lead to CHF (congestive heart failure) later in life.....

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      Ask a cardiologist. Hell I will ask one for you today.

      Take drugs out of the mix and I doubt lifting does anything bad to the heart in a healthy person.
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        bodybuilding (natural) is way healthier than powerlifting for the heart, that said, there are many natural powerlifters who lived long lives