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  • 1 scoop waxy maize and 1 scoop protein powder. Full meal 30 minutes- 1 hour later
    All statements made herein are fictional and are solely for entertainment purposes


    • whey hydrolsate without the carbs
      Check out before getting ripped off!


      • Kinda funny hearing people say that there's not much benefit to ingesting simple carbs with protein immediately post-workout. They must all be fat endomorphs with awfully slow metabolisms. In which case, they wouldn't benefit much from simple carbs.


        • Here is a good post on page #1 by Geminon.

          Originally posted by Geminon View Post
          WPC/WPI mix alone here. I see no benefits for me to add high GI carbs PWO. The research isnt convincing in that context to me (alot of over hype marketing to me). Plus Im not an ectomorph so extra cals are bad news for me. Why waste calories on Waxy Maze when I could eat REAL food something I LIKE during after if I was to eat a carb.

          I think it was on superhuman radio where some expert (i forgetthe name) was like your not gonna burn 100G+ grams of carbs in a 1 hour weight training session so why take this HIGH calorie carb drinks all the time. Unless your doing a sport like say Baskletball/football etc where you at a pratice + lifting etc your not really using and needign those calories. to me this is confirmed with Dave Plaumbo's deit where he uses 50G of carbs a day at the least to keep you at ketosis but fueling glycogen stores so its not really lost. I say all that to say CARBS for the NON ectomorph I believe should be a IN vs OUT. The AVG lifting session ur not during much more than maybe 50-75G carbs tops so no need for MASSIVE loads of it.

          Plus even on top of that Ive seen articles too that show the glycogen refill procoess doesnt JUST happen after workout but can keep going up until the next day.

          The supplement market and magazines just make it seem like you lift and OMG UR SUPER CATABOLIC STOP IT buy my WHEY + WAXY MAZIE else your muscles will waste away and/or you wont grow.

          I think thats just bullshit.