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How anabolic steroid use changes our DNA.

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  • How anabolic steroid use changes our DNA.

    Continued use of anabolics like nandrolone, equipose, anadrol and others leads to a high red blood cell count and increases in hemoglobin and hematocrit. This is especially true for older body builders. This condition is called secondary polycythemia , androgen induced. The Anabolic Doc has a video on this. Many older bodybuilders and some younger ones donate a pint of blood to reduce these levels. And take a low dose aspirin to try to avoid getting a blood clot, which could travel to the heart or lungs. However after many years of use this causes a mutation in a gene called Jak2. Scientists don't know why this happens. This starts increased RBC production at a higher rate. This condition is called Polycythemia Vera. It is a blood disease that can cause serious problems. Hematocrit continues to go up , which can cause blood clots leading to a heart attack and stroke. If you acquire this condition you have to be treated by a hematologist. They treat you with removing a pint of blood, called phlebotomy and use medication to try to reduce the RBCs and hematocrit. Maybe this problem is why some bodybuilders are dying of a heart attack at a young age. This Polycythemia Vera is not curable at least not right now. It would be a good idea to get frequent CBC tests(complete blood count) from an online testing lab to keep track of your blood levels.
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