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Adding trenazone ??

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  • Adding trenazone ??

    I'm 5 weeks in 500mg test e/ 250mg deca a week 5 weeks to go and using 12.5 mg aromasin Ed my question I was thinking bout adding 75mg trenazone Ed any thoughts or cons anyone can tell me maybe I'm missing ?? So far I'm up bout 17 lbs no real bloat but I feel the tren will dry me up a little more

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    deca and tren together will shut you down hard..if you never want to go off gear i would say go ahead.

    i personally stay away from tren because it stimulate too much temper and deca makes me feel "meh"

    adding anavar will be better as i think its best to take oral before workout (morning is best to take orals).

    good luck you look great .


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      Thanks bro . Yea I was gonna hold off on the tren keep it for future. No point in adding now