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  • Ghrp2

    So, I am very aware of the traits and functions of ghrpís, ghrhís, and the synergy involved when they are used together. However, I came across some ghrp-2 from a trusted source for a good price so I pulled the trigger. I understand that most will say that a ghrh is needed to get any noticeable results. I have read studies that prove that ghrp 2 alone can significantly raise endogenous gh levels.

    Here is is where Iím hoping for some direction or info from those who might know. Iím experimenting with intermittent fasting and itís working wonderfully. I eat no later than 6pm and fast until 11am the next day. Knowing that fasting can cause hgh release I have also been training at 8am while still fasted which also cause a large hgh release. Iím using a preworkout, intra, and post workout bcaas . No pwo meal or shake. Iím looking to take advantage of these times where endo hgh is released. My question.. if I were to inject ghrp-2 pre workout and immediately post workout, what effect does ghrp have on that already occurring gh release? I will also inject prior to bed.

    Sorry for for the lengthy post, but I have not been able to find the answers I am looking for. I will also add that I currently use 1000mg test enanthate per week, 100mg winstrol ED, 1 mg arimadex 3x week, T3 100mcg ED, 40mcg clenbuterol 2 day on 1 off.

    Any my constructive input is greatly appreciated.

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    Nobody? I’m still researching and can find nothing that answers my question. So, as a more simple question... how does ghrp 2 effect and already active natural gh pulse from exercise induced gh release? Still looking for any input on this. Thanks