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Question about cured premature ejaculation during Dianabol usage

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  • Question about cured premature ejaculation during Dianabol usage

    Hi guys,

    I want to share something with you and to ask about your opinions and experience.
    So, before several years i decided to try Dianabol steroid (methandienone) out of curiosity. I made a 6 weeks pyramid (20,30,40,40,30,20). The results were amazing. I've trained karate kyokushin at that stage and went 2 a week in fitness for good shape. And the results from the dianabol were really amazing. BUT I realized, that the methandienone usage had a big positive influence on my sexual life. I'm 30 years old and i'm suffering all my life from premature ejaculation and with the dianabol it was gone, i could last in the bed for 40,50 minutes without a problem. Which is the reason for this? What do you think? I've read a lot of things, but i still could not explain myself, which is the reason and i decided to write here, because many of you have much more experience and knowledge in this field.

    Thank you very much and a nice week to all

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    Congratulations. ...I guess?

    Maybe you can get your Doc to prescribe it for that reason?


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      The doctors don't want to get deep in the problem. They use common solutions and don't search for a cure. Therefore i decided to ask in such forums, because the information between the people is sometimes more accurate then a doctors regular opinion.


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        I think it's consequence of methandrostenolone's aromatization. Estrogenic action in your case lowered libido and defered ejaculation.