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Testosterone cycle design (first cycle and PCT updated)

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    • the amount of "thinking of starting my first cycle what you do suggest for pct?" posts in this thread are incredible lmaaaao


      • I've read through this thread a half dozen times or so, and like many I really appreciate the time and effort put into it. For people like me, it's been incredibly helpful. I haven't started yet, still trying to absorb more and more info.

        One thing I haven't seen discussed, but I feel would be a relevant question here is; what are the pro's and con's (health wise and performance wise) of cycling as in the examples provided and a long-term blast and cruise method?

        I've often seen it suggested that if one was able to obtain a TRT script of 200mg per week, they can use that to cruise for X amount of weeks, then blast with 600mg or greater per week, for 8-12 weeks. I've also seen it said that if someone was utilizing the blast and cruise method, there's usually no need for PCT or as many ancillliaries. Is this true? So if someone could not get a TRT script, what are the risks of trying to replicate that blast and cruise process on your own?

        When cycling gear like in the example and following the PCT protocol provided, what could one expect in terms of losing strength and muscle gains that were obtained while you were 'on?'

        Is either method healthier/safer than the other?

        Thanks to anyone that could help educate me.


        • Im looking to start my first cycle and I am looking for advice. I have read the first cycle thread thoroughly, but I'd like to speak speak to someone who has some experience. If anyone is willing to help me out please send me a pm. thanks.