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AAS: OTC pharmacies around the world

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    Originally posted by Iason View Post
    this info is a bit off.
    Norma Deca and Organon are hard to get and most pharmacies need prescription.
    Nandrolone Phenylpropionate is discontinued long time ago.
    Testoviron and test Norma are relatively accesible.
    Restandol, Proviron, HCG, Clomid, etc are OTC
    GH is not available unless you got a special prescription from Hospital.
    EPO the same like GH.
    Genepharm's aas are not in the pharmacies anymore, the company still sells other products though.
    Thanks! Post updated.
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      freeport bahamas, are they legal there?
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        I,m going scically in two weeks?Does any body know about there.


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          Not any more in Arabian Gulf. like Qatar, U.A.E, Saudi..You need prescription know..But there are some pharmacy they don't know about the new law,so they sell to customer without any prescription....


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            Cany anyone PM me with the name of a pharmacy in greece that sell's OTC test E etc? As someone said not all do, and is the stuff legit pharm grade gear made by schering etc? or is it a clone from UGL's?

            thanks guys
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              Does anyone know what is avaliable in the Philippines, names or brands would be great I know somepeople there. if I could tell them what to get.... Thanks


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                What about taking foreign gear back home(to USA or other country where they are illegal)

                Are people just taking the risk or do they put their shit in shampoo containers or sth?


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                  My opinion on Thailand and their UGL is that if you search for a quality product and ask for it / are willing to pay for it you will probably get a legit quality grade product. I've been there and it is in my opinion the best place to go for many reasons. Talk to other though.

                  I live in Chile and to the best of my knowledge everything is controlled. When I have traveled to Peru prescriptions were required but almost every time I bought something the pharmacist didn't ask. Once they asked and I said "no" and they sold it to me anyways.

                  I make trips to Argentina and would be willing to purchase there if it were easier. I'm concerned with transporting it across the boarder though.

                  Does anyone else have any good concrete info on Latin America? I will be talking with a guy here in Chile in a few hours and hopefully be able to update this soon.


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                    Romania: Naposim (d-bol), Decanofort (deca), Testosteron...none of these is produced anymore
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                      Estabolished Pharmacy, new product

                      thegeniunepillscom now offers testosterone undecoante (40mg) for those who are looking to augment their current stack and depending on demand they should be expanding on that area soon. I thought I'd mention it since I share some of the same concerns other in the forum have about overseas sources and quality control. They are the best though. They also have thryoxine or T3 (I may be mixing it up, whichever one ramps up your thyroid) and antiestrogens.