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    Question tension portion of training

    Rep cadence? Should I finish with DC style weighted stretches?


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      Originally posted by ChromeHearts View Post
      With the Zenalean Pro, I noticed it only has 10mg of Ephedra and they recommend only 1 a day. This is not the same ratios/amounts they were using back in the day pre-ban.

      Did you take more than the recommend dose to get the fat burning effects ?
      That "recommended dose" means next to nothing. The only communication being made is between the supplement company and the FDA. If you go get wasted at the club all night, then wake up and take 20 of their capsules right before running the Marine Corps Marathon with no water intake, and then die of hypernatremia or heat stroke... the company cannot be blamed 'cause they can say, "well, he did exceed the recommended dose!"

      Take what you need to get the effect your after - just stay adequatly hydrated and try not to go overboard with it; since too much could start to shift the cortisol-to-testosterone ratio toward increased catablism. This is one reason I recommend taking the time to detox during a carb up... and possibly during the power training day. It can be hard to avoid stimulants when your carb drunk and tired (potentiated by the rapid onset of a glycogen supercomensated condition)... but it helps keep the stuff effective when you really need it.

      I tend to start moderate and then increase the dose as tollerance builds and the unwanted sides dwindle (nervousness, anxiety - sometimes nauseated while training)... so just take enough to give you a bit of a jolt in your performance... then, as that effect kinda fizzles, pop another pill.
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        Originally posted by axioma View Post
        Warrior, on the tension training, what is rep cadence? I notice you don't have any static (DC) types of holds for upper body, should you add in a weighted hang or heavy fly stretch?
        Rep cadenace at about 4-0-3-0... for the most part, 4 seconds down, reverse direction, then 3 seconds up, then immediately reverse - no sitting at a locked out position! Keep pumping the muscles. If you have to stop, you're finished. This second week isn't about creating new PR's, it's about keeping the muscles active and glycogen depleted. By the second week, you should be smelling the ketones.

        By all means, add some static reps in, here and there. You don't have to always write down how long the holds were for... but they do meet the purpose of the tension week. I recommed static holds for abdominals and calve training, but you can get a few others in as desired. Delts and biceps do well with static reps... I have also seem people do well with quadriceps (leg extension) holds.

        If your main question was regarding the extreme stretching DC recommends, I don't think you'll need to go that route while depleting. The idea behind it is to stretch the surrounding fascia and possibly trigger some growth stimulating events in the muscle. By the second week, your flat - depleted... there ain't much need to stretch it out at that point.

        On the flip-flop, after you just pumped up by carb loading - glycogen is full and your muscles feel tight again - by all means finish the power workout with some extreme static stretching. This is a great opportunity to do these sadistic pulls. Aside from stretching the fascia at a point where the muscle is full, you could help increase glycogen uptake during this brief carb up period.

        So do extreme stretching after the power workouts, but I wouldn't put too much effort into it while depleting...

        One of the greatest things about all this: variety! It keep things interesting during a grueling fat-loss period, while maintaining some method to all the madness
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          Many thanks! Will do! Ketones, is that what I am smelling? I thought it was detritus from a misspent youth.


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            Originally posted by Aaron Singerman
            First time reading this... Great idea... Most people don't realize how much starting a cycle with a high Bf % impacts neg sides and diminishes gains.

            i believe i read about it somewhere as well but i forget the true reason. could someone enlighten me on the subject.
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              Example Diet

              Warrior, can you give me an idea of what your diet looks like for each phase???


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                it's a shame that i haven't seen him around in a while - hopefully all is well!
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                  Sometimes you recommend taking a creatine serving on certain loading days. What's the benefit of one creatine serving? Don't you have to take it for a longer period in order to increase the creatine levels to see benefit?


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                    Also, in the training routine you recommend, there is not one rear delt exercise. Why not?