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Conversions and Recipes

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  • Conversions and Recipes

    I would like to get some info out there on conversions and recipes so if you have them post them up. all questions are welcomed but please do not post sources. This is for informational purposes only.
    All posts are for entertainment and may contain fiction. Consult a doctor before using any medication.

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    The SYNO conversion:

    Supplies Needed:

    Start with 2 carts then once you have it down you can do more. Trust me on this I don’t do more than 4 after MANY conversions.

    A couple of 600ml Bomex beakers/ or coffee pots and Pyrex measuring cups of equal volume will suffice. MUST HAVE A POUR SPOUT ON THE FRONT and the ability to determine how much fluid is in the container.

    2 Bottles of HEET. Methanol, yellow and blue bottles.

    Coffee filters, cup not cone, big ones.

    Paper clips or clothespins, have many on hand just incase.

    2 gallons distilled water. Keep in refrigerator at while not using so it’s always cool.

    Cottage cheese or margarine container thoroughly cleaned with a safety pin hole in the bottom. This must allow the distilled water to drip not pour in. Test it before you use it. It must be able to hold 500ml distilled water.

    A bowl and some paper towels.

    Preferably you will also have a desk lamp that will radiate a lot of heat.

    1. 2 carts syno pellets in a 600ml Bomex glass beaker. Use a paperclip to push the pellets out.

    2. Crush the pellets into a powder. (Doesn’t have to be perfect, this is just to make it dissolve faster)

    3. Add roughly 100ml -150ml methanol. (HEET) Yellow and blue bottle.

    4. Cover top. Swirl around from time to time until all residual pellet fragments are dissolved. This will not be clear there will be powder in the heet. You know it’s done because the larger fragments are dissolved.

    5. Fasten a coffee filter to another flask or coffee pot, ( what I use sometimes) Fasten with clothespins or paper clips. Make sure you use something with a pour spout like a coffee pot or beaker. Make sure you can easily unfasten the paperclips or whatever from the front pour spout area in order to drain the fluid.

    6. Pour the dissolved solution through the coffee filter. This gets out the binders and fillers. There should be some white residue left in the filter. Filter times vary depending on filters. Use cup filters not cone.

    7. While filtering wash the 600ml Bomex beaker or the like. Again make sure it has a pour spout. Pyrex measuring cups work as well. DRY the beaker totally.

    8. Remove the coffee filter with the binders and throw it away

    9. Pour the syno methanol solution into the clean, dry 600ml beaker.

    10. Place the cottage cheese container on top, fill with roughly 350ml-400ml distilled water and put the whole contraption in the freezer. The water should be dripping slowly into the beaker. Make sure to keep an eye on it. Takes maybe 15 min.

    11. Once the water reaches the 450ml or so mark remove it from the freezer and stop the drip. On the 2-3-4th batches you’ll have a lower level as you’ll use less methanol so your total volume after adding distilled water will be more like 350-400ml.

    12. After cleaning the Beaker or whatever you used previously, fasten another coffee filter to the rim. Be sure it can take 500ml+ and make sure the filter is on tight. This is where your PROP is.

    13. Slowly pour the solution into the filter. Big filters work better for me because they are easier to attach and to deal with in general. You don’t want to have to remove the filter with the prop crystals in it and have it spill all over you sink or carpet. Let it filter through you may need to kind of scrape the bottom of the beaker to get all the crystals out. You can use an additional 100ml or so distilled water to rinse the beaker out and add to the filtrate. DISTILLED WATER ONLY HERE.

    14. Take the Filter after it has drained and there is a white mushy/chalky powder remaining. Get a bowl and put a few paper towels in the bottom to absorb fluid. Put the coffee filter in the bowl on top of the paper towels, additional fluid will begin to be absorbed into the paper towels. I like to set up a desk lamp with a bright light and put it over the bowl very close to the powder, NOT ON. LOL and Not in the bloody oven for *&%$ sake unless you want to ruin everything. You will need to let everything dry 100% this is very important. After a few min replace the paper towels on bottom, eventually remove them so everything can dry.You’ll need to use something to scrape the powder off the filter and chop it up a bit into a finer and finer powder until it’s dry. If you let it sit alone it can take days to dry. If you use a lamp or something you can do it in a few hours thus reducing the whole process time by several days.

    Now repeat 3 more times. Everything the same except reduce the amount of methanol to only as much as is needed to dissolve the powder completely. This time around you should not see any powder like the first time as we already removed the fillers. So once dissolved the solution should be ALMOST clear but not like pure water. If you have pieces that won’t dissolve, you didn’t let the powder dry and you’re a Weenie. You’ll be fine just keep on with it as planned and be sure to dry it better next round.

    15. After the 4th re-crystallization leave the filtrate in the filter still attached to the contraption you were using to drain your fluid into.Undo the front and pour the fluid out being careful not to spill your prop crystals.
    Rinse the crystals with 1 gallon Distilled water. Do this by slowly pouring water into the filter where your prop crystals are. I use a spray bottle to keep everything moving and to keep things off the sides. RINSE ALOT. You will have to Pour the water out of the beaker many times before your done, this is why I said to make sure you can easily remove the fixture.

    After you have dried it for the fourth time make sure it’s dry this time, don’t be a weenie. It will screw everything up. Must be dry.

    16. From here, weigh your powder to be sure what you’ve got. You’ll have from 2 carts between 2-3.5 grams probably depending on how anal you were. Remember we would rather have 2 grams of PROP than 3.5 grams of Prop and Estradiol.

    When converting your crystals into an injectable, for the first few times you MAY want to heat the powder in oil only. NO BB or BA until after and using a different filter. Depending on how you’re going to filter, syringe filter or stericup vac system you will want to filter the warm oil and prop only. Then, using another filter add BA and BB. The reason for this is the estradiol is only very slightly soluble in oil and therefore will be trapped by the filter if you had any remaining. If you added the BA and BB it will make the estradiol soluble. If you have done 4 re-crystallizations you should have little or no Estradiol left anyways but at first I did this as a precaution. I no longer do this but if you’re concerned, this will 100% eradicate any residual Estradiol. If you use stericup vacuum setup you will need 1x 22um syringe filter for the BA/BB. Again this is not really necessary.

    I have done it both ways and my recent batches I have been mixing BA/BB and oil with prop and filtering all at once. I’m currently running this at 150 EOD, 6 weeks in, No issues for me or my training partner who’s using 2x my amount. Once you’ve done the conversion a few times you will get better and better. Your yield will be higher and your confidence in the end product will be absolute.

    I decided to add this as an afterthought. It would seem that there is a lot of confusion surrounding this conversion. Many people have been led to believe that you need an estrogen remover when in fact you do not. The process I have outlined will leave you with a very clean product with 0 estradiol if done as outlined. I have been running it for quite some time now at doses up to 150mg a day with no bra needed. I also know personally several people using the exact same process. No complications, No tits. So basically what I’m trying to say is, if you do this you will be 100% successful. No estro solubulizer needed.



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      If there is anything unclear or you need help let me know.



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        So, there is no need for an "estrogen solubilizer" because estrogen is poorly soluble in oil, and even more so because estrodiol is soluble in water?
        I'm assuming that the repetition of the procedure dissolves a little more estrogen in the "waste water" each time?


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          Wait, that doesn't make sense, scratch what i said..
          What exactly is removing the estradiol?


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            No. Estradiol is not soluble in water, however, it is soluble in methanol. So were taking advantage of the fact that there is alot more Prop than Estra. So the Prop will crystallize first when the distilled water is added because there is 10x more, 2000mgprop and 200mg Estra per cart. Each time you recrystallize that ratio becomes greater like 1950mg prop 150mg estra
            then 1850mg prop and 100mg estra, 1750 prop and 50Estra and eventually 1650 prop and 0 estra. These numbers are only a rough estimate but you get the picture.
            Using oil and prop only at first when filtering is not really necessary but that was how I did it at first. Later batches I have not been doing this and it is still just peachy.


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              You said don't post sources, but as she's a valued member of our little community, I have to thank the wonderful miss sallyanne for the following link:


              *I apologize if I shouldn't have named her*


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                Heavyiron, if you'd like I can just post all the posts contained in her thread on here again.


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                  Wow after reading that thread, there is ALOT of good info.



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                    Originally posted by jrlight View Post
                    Wait, that doesn't make sense, scratch what i said..
                    What exactly is removing the estradiol?
                    In reality you "are" washing it away with the waste. But because it has yet to form as a crystalline structure. Because of this, the estradiol will not be caught in the coffee filter. Each time your throwing away some Estra as well as some prop but more estra than prop.



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                      I would like to mention that although those recipes will work, there is no good reason to use 5% BA in my opinion.
                      From what I saw browsing, it seemed to be a universal recommendation. Im sure some may say otherwise but if you ask me 2% is the most you would need. Remembering that BA is only to keep things bacteriostatic as in such low levels it really cannot sterilize anything.



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                        Development of a Multidose Formulation for a Humanized Monoclonal Antibody Using Experimental Design Techniques

                        "The efficacy of the preservative against various microorganisms was measured using a modified USP/EP PET (referred to as preservative screening test in this document). Tests were conducted at Microconsult Inc (Dallas, TX). In the procedure, formulations were tested against the following microorganisms: Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Candida albicans, and Aspergillus niger. The 3 bacterial strains were inoculated together at a total concentration of ~105 cfu/mL, as were the 2 fungi. Samples were incubated for 7 days at room temperature (25C), and the total bacterial and fungal counts were measured using a colony counter. The log reduction (LR) values for the bacterial and fungal counts were calculated as log (initial count/final count)."

                        "Results of the preservative screening tests showed that the formulations containing 0.75% and 0.5% benzyl alcohol are potential candidates to meet the USP/EP criteria (Table 4). Both formulations demonstrated a complete kill of the tested bacterial and fungal species after 7 days. For all other samples, either the total bacterial count after 7 days was too numerous to count, or no effective reduction in the bacterial count was observed."

                        "Benzyl alcohol caused significant aggregation at high concentrations (≥1.0%); however, it was the most effective preservative in maintaining antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria and fungi."

                        Most human pharmaceutical gear only use 1% BA for sterility


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                              Originally posted by TexanSwede07 View Post
                              You said don't post sources, but as she's a valued member of our little community, I have to thank the wonderful miss sallyanne for the following link:


                              *I apologize if I shouldn't have named her*
                              the thread was locked by a super moderator so unless he moves it I am not willing to. It is ok to give credit to other members here. We do value her!
                              All posts are for entertainment and may contain fiction. Consult a doctor before using any medication.