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  • Peptides???

    Recently came across these and don't know much about them besides being hgh from sounds of it...anyone have any knowledge/experience with them and if so how to run them, sides,etc...thanks

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    I asked this question once and still dont know lol but they sound interesting. Also this should probably be in the Chem section.
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      ive been researching myself after been sent a fre sample of hgh frag theres all types of peptiddes cosmetic,IGF,HGH ect some of nthe stuff looks very promising some a little scary!!!Oxytocin?!!imagine injecting with your own bodys feel good hormone and fking yourself up for life lol
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        cjc1295 without dac and ghrp are GH releasing peptides. Dosage of 100mcg of each does cause a massive gh spike for 45 minutes. Using it 3x a day gives good effects, using it 5-8x a day gives amazing effects. Matters on the cash one has.

        I have posted the blood work before but at the moment I'm waaaay to lazy to go find it again. It hit 20s I believe.

        Anything over 100mcg of GHRP or GHRH (cjc) is useless. 100mcg maxes out the effects of them.

        DES gives amazing pumps.

        LR3 also gives amazing pumps but has insulin mimicking effects which helps shuttle food around.

        Folli and myo inhibitor help with gaining size and muscle.

        Anything else please feel free to ask or PM me

        I've been bumped with school, work, and workout but I always find time to answer questions
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