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    I've been reading quite a bit about Super DMZ and it seems to have a lot of positive effects and I am keen to try it. I have done a few mild cycles of real gear around 5 years ago and got great results and Im looking to regain some of my lost size since then.

    However, I was susceptible to some hair loss which bothered me a lot. I currently take Finasteride (propecia) to prevent losing any more. What kind of effect do you guys think a course of 2 tabs per day of Super DMZ will have on my hair, whilst taking Propecia and saw palmetto?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I think that will be largely genetic. I had zero hair loss issues on SDMZ myself.
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      Thanks, is SDMZ known for causing agressive hair loss in users genetically prone? Or is it in the milder range? THanks


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        i can't take sdmz, it causes unbearable digestive problems for me, if i take it, i puke everything i eat.. it's bad
        and the lethargy is unbelievable.. i've had friends who almost got kicked out of their house or had girlfriends leave them because of their laziness on superdrol..

        or you might get no sides.. as some do..
        i get all the sides :/