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Setting Up PH/DS and retail supplement company in uk

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  • Setting Up PH/DS and retail supplement company in uk

    Im setting up a retail company as stated above and would much appreciate if you could answer these questions and share anything else you think I might find helpful. Thank you.

    • What brand pro hormones/Designer Steroids do you trust?
    • When buying a PH/DS do you look for OTC PCT and cycle support?
    • What brand of supplements do you trust?
    • Whats your favorite flavors (name 3)?
    • Do you buy from the same online retailer every time?
    • What do you like about your current online retailer?
    • What do you dislike about your current online retailer?
    • What would make you buy from a new online retailer?
    • Would you like a scientific information to show the reasons why to buy the products you are looking at?
    • Do you feel the market is cluttered with poor supplements?
    • Do you feel there are too many online retailers?