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Halo Extreme Proposed Cycle

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  • Halo Extreme Proposed Cycle

    After some research, I decided I want to run my first cycle with Halo Extreme for 5 weeks, but I still have a few questions. I was wondering how my proposed cycle looks. Would you make any changes or add anything? Is adding Liv52, Hawthorne Berry, or Milk Thistle recommended?

    Halo 50/50/75/75/75

    Nolva 20/20/10/10 (will this be sufficient)
    DAA- 3g per day
    Test Booster (what would you recommend)

    I understand this will leave me with about half a bottle when I am finished. I will probably add another compound down the road for a 2nd cycle. The reason for Halo Extreme as my first is just to get my feet wet. I don't feel like taking the plunge into anything harsher yet before I see how I will react to this. Thanks for your help.

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    get 2 bottles. 75mg for 6 weeks. 2 full bottles worth. Thank me later. 50mg will be almost a waste IMO.
    you can pick up IML cycle support and this will suffice. I didnt shut down hard at all with this 6 week cycle and had great gains, so I would think that Nolva PCT should be plenty. DAA and Nolva should be good.
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      Thanks for the reply. Only reason I was starting at 50 was because I read about headaches jumping right to 75 a day, figured I'd ease into it. I will probably go with 50/75/75/75/75/75. That will finish the 2 bottles.
      Any suggestions about an additional t booster, or is using just DAA fine? Also, I was considering their cycle support, that would definitely save me the trouble of having to take liv52, hawthorne, milk thistle, and saw palmetto at separate times.
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        yeah the cycle support with IML will have all the things you need in each cap. I did fine without a test booster. You will be fine with DAA and Nolvadex. It shouldnt shut you down too hard- well in my experience it never has. I have ran halo 3 times each year and I always respond good to it.
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          Yeah start week 1 off at 50mg if you are cautious of headaches, but I believe if you are getting enough water throughout the day that you will be fine. You judge it out though.
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