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LGD-4033 + D-BOL + M-DROL

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    It wasn’t the dbol causing the high BP, it’s the sarm. I've been getting extremely light headed for the past few days, especially after my morning coffee. I might try taking it before bed instead of morning. Otherwise, so far so good @ 4mg daily, just light headed to the point I can't concentrate at the office....the screen is blurry as I type this.

    Hit back yesterday, went real heavy on wide grip partial deadlifts (first time I tried this variation) and got an insane pump...again I was to emphases I couldn’t get myself winded. This stuff gives you crazy stamina / endurance. I just kept moving from exercise to exercise and felt like I was getting more powerful after every set.


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      Dizzy / lightheaded continued to get worse even after dropping the dbol. Decided to try the SARM before bed instead of morning, made all the difference in the world. Had great sleep, vivid dreams and woke up well rested. I’m going to run it at @4 mg until the bottle is empty, not going up in mg anymore. Muscles full and hard 24/7 + strength up every workout. Started adding Olympic lifts to take advantage of this insane stamina...... did some " Snatch Grip High Pulls" yesterday for the first time for shoulders / traps, was awesome.


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        No more dizzy feeling, looks like taking it before bed works. Some of the fullness has gone away due to dropping the dbol. I’m eating like a pig trying to bulk up still, gains have slowed way down...seems like this SARM is very similar to a mild ORAL STEROID. I feel the high blood pressure, slight lower back pumps, kicks in fast, no sex drive, etc. I started getting the "you’re getting huge" compliments within a week of taking with stuff with low dose dbol so it’s definitely doing something. When I originally said “this stuff is better than AAS" I was retarded, it’s not....NPP + TEST will always be my fav

        Current plan: Was to run this @ 4mg until the bottle is out. I think I’ll run it @ 4mg for another week and bump it up to 5mg to see what happens.

        Future plans: Going to the doc after this and getting on TRT, will run TRT with peptides for the next 6-8 months and give my body a break. Then maybe try an Iron Mag Labs oral with TRT.


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          Weight gain may have slowed down but strength is still coming.


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            Stamina / Endurance / Strength is way up! Did 6 x10 sets of all variations deadlifts, never went over 315lbs but kept the form perfect for 10 reps each time. Went right into reverse grip BB rows 4x10 then reverse grip cable pull downs 4x10 and finished with DB rows 2x12.

            I never got tired on the deadlifts today, I used to hate em' so bad- now I looked at the clock and realized I needed to stop doing them before my lunchbreak was over


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              Insane pump in Tri's today and strong...damn! Weight is 227, going to keep adding more food. Been eating Greek Yogurt, Fruit, Oatmeal, Steak, Chicken, Fish, Rice, Milk and shakes and thatís it...havenít been counting calories or protein but making a good 5-6 meals a day and eating till full. Hope to add 5 more lbs. next month since weight gain has slowed...still making progress so Iím happy


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                Everything is going well. After process of elimination, it was the CEL Cycle Support making me dizzy so I threw it out and got some NAC. I wanted to let everyone know that it was NOT the LGD-4033. Anyway, I started @ 5mg / day yesterday (Monday)...Chest workout yesterday was insane. Doing back today, we'll see what happens.

                So far here are my results after being on for 1 month in order of greatest effect:

                #1 Endurance / Stamina / Recovery
                #2 Strength
                #3 Size

                P.S. I have one Caveat, my views on size may be a tad skewed b/c of past experience with AAS...1 single Sarm canít complete with a real cycle. Just throwing that out there, I'm up about 15 lbs. (little gut from eating a ton keep in mind). I hope this log helps you fags, havenít heard much feedback but Iíll keep rambling on until its overÖ.


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                  Strength still coming! Added a 45 to each side of my usual (off cycle) weight for B.B. rows yesterday. Also, back pumps are about half as intense as they would be @ a 50mg dbol cycle. Sometimes I wonder if they just threw in a watered down oral AAS and labeled it LGD-4033 haha who knows....didnt expect back pumps with a Sarm.


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                    Im back, had some Army shit to take care of. Anyway, to summarize I would run it again. It gave me great workouts and some descent size.


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                      when sarms were first coming out and I did a few runs with the SARM s-4 that shit gave me crazy back pumps. My back pumps were just as bad as when I was taking superdrol


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                        Originally posted by kev101 View Post
                        LGD-4033 came in Friday after work, was on the phone yapping and mistaking took 10 mg (1ml) instead of 1mg (.1). Realized it immediately, felt dizzy and sick...feeling lasted about 1 hour. Decided to run it @ 2mg/day for the next week or two instead of 1mg, since I broke the ice on day 1 with 10 mg.

                        Overall nothing to report, just figured I would share that experience. Also some slight d-bol back pumps are starting as I am prone (even @ 15mgs).

                        I’ll stop back in on Friday with an update, arms are starting to fill back out fast....its amazing what eating a ton of clean food will do after being lazy for a little bit
                        A good dosage of LGD4033 is 5mg to 10mg daily. Based on personal experience, LGD4033 is the anadrol of all the sarms but without the water retention, high blood pressure, fat gain, acne , aromatization, etc.
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