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1 ad or 4 ad with testosterone

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  • 1 ad or 4 ad with testosterone

    If you are running testosterone and add 1-ad by iron man labs or 4ad will it increase your testosterone levels? What added effect will it have if taken with testosterone?

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    why do you want to stack with another testosterone product? Get another product from ironmaglabs or blackstone. Just curious.
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      I want test levels to be as high as possible but I'm in a situation where I can only take dose of test prescribed by doc right now.


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        ahh, gotcha. I tried 4ad a few cycles back and it seemed to help with libido. I did not get test levels checked however, so I cannot comment too much on if it will substantially increase it but it should help improve / increase with it even more so when you are already using low dose test. Just my opinion. 1 ad should also bump up test levels, but once again I have never tried this product so I am not sure the difference the two provide from one another. I know you will get a little more water retention from 4 ad because it can convert to estrogen a little where as the 1ad is going to be drier gains. Or so I hear. Any other feedback fellas?
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          Thanks makes sense. I will definitely try that out then.