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    I haven't used for a few years, but recently started back up. I ran 700 sust and 300eq. Back in the day I always ran for 12-16 weeks, followed by same amount off, then repeat. I was on that pattern for 4-5 years. Good results. Kept most gains and minimal side effects even without PCT. My question is- has any one tried cruising between? I was gonna run 250 test E every 10 days for 8 weeks and go back on test500 and eq 500 for another 12wk and finish last 6 weeks of that cycle with 50 eod of winny. When on before I was 5'7" @ 230 around 10-12%. I'm @205 now prob around 15% Long post sorry! Once I got back to 230ish I plan to get back into my old cycling routine of ontime=off time. I'm 35 yrs old. How does my plan sound? Any suggestions?

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    sure, why not! Ideally, you get blood work so you're not harming yourself.
    Once you taste cruising, I doubt you will want to come off, especially if you're healthy.