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  • Mark01's S4 Log

    Mark asked me to create this thread for him since he cannot do it for some here it is. Good luck, Mark, I will be following along! I am glad you are doing a log, they both help you see how far you have come AND help others when they are searching for information. Real world results instead of theoretical is always preferred.
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    Thanks Barny!

    A little bit about myself first. I am 35, 5'10", 200 lbs, and roughly 20% body fat (based on comparisons against pictures with the body fat percentage listed). My goal is to lose fat while gaining muscle, but I will be completely happy with losing fat while NOT losing muscle. I will be working out 5 days a week, a different body part each day, and doing 25 minutes of 130bpm heart rate cardio 4 days a week. I will not be doing cardio on leg day. I was told a well done leg day means you can barely walk and therefor cardio it out of the question. The only other supplements I am taking are a multi-vitamin and glutamine. I will be eating cleanly, 2500 calories a day broken into 5 meals a day (not including the after workout meal), made up mostly of eggs, chicken, fish, turkey, and beef. I will be eating roughly 300g of protein, 150g of carbs, and 50g of fats a day.

    I ordered the S4 on Barny's advance about 2 months ago and then...well, there is no nice way to put it, I wussed out on the entire "work super hard" thing. What if I prove myself a failure!?! Barny let me go on my own until I felt really bad and mentioned it to him, at which point he told me I had to make my own choice and no one could force it on me or else it would fail, but if I applied myself I would surely succeed. It was all up to me. So now instead of concentrating on the potential failure I understand it means any success is entirely because of me, so I am back in the game and out of my own head. He also said a log is a great way to stay motivated, so here I am, logging.

    Some gear porn for the slavering masses:

    20160327_105944.jpg 20160327_105957.jpg

    As you can see, the newer labels others have are MUCH nicer. If the run starts to show good results, I am going to buy a second bottle to keep it going. They say 6-8 weeks is a normal run, which means only 1 bottle is needed for a normal run. I will play it one bottle at a time to be safe.

    I took my first two doses yesterday and my third dose this morning. I am taking 25mg in the AM and 25mg in the PM. If I do not feel anything in a week, I will up it to 50mg for both doses. The bottle is 30ml of 100mg/ml. If I am taking 50mg a day, I get 60 days out of it but if I need to up it to 100mg per day, then I only get 30 days out of it.

    Today is chest day and cardio. I will hit them later tonight, taking my second dose about 30 minutes before I leave for the gym.


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      Great start, now just keep updating the log with how you feel, what you do, etc. You are off to a good start!
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        Day 4 S4 Log

        Sarms taste nasty. There, I said it. YUCK! It coats the tongue, too, so it will not just go away. I have not noticed anything else yet...not sure what I am supposed to feel anyway. No vision sides at all, but it is still the first week and the S4 is still building up. Next week I should see it start to shine.


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          Keep on adding updates, and no detail is too small if it is about how you feel, how your workouts are, etc. The world wants...nay, NEEDS...this log!
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            4/4/16 Day 8

            Still tastes nasty - but not so bad since I take so little of it.

            Feeling like my muscles are more compact, tighter, and I am definitely getting stronger. I added 5 pounds to almost every exercise I am doing! If my strength increases keep going up like this I will be a very happy camper! I suspect I have to reach a saturation point sometime, but hope it is a distant later instead of a closer sooner.

            I am shedding water, too. Not sure if this is the S4 or if it is due to increasing my water intake. Either way, I will take it.


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                What do you think about adding some GW50 to your S4 run? It will help give you the added endurance needed for all the cardio you plan on doing. You can get it from SarmsSearch, quality stuff.
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                  heard awesome thing s about sarmssearch's s4. May have to add it to my next cycle. running gw50 solo now and it's incredible. I bet s4+gw50 is an awesome stack


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                    4/6/16 Day 10. I know the S4 is working, I have VERY slight vision yellowing. I can only ever notice it when I am purposefully looking for it - which I have been doing. I doubt it will get any worse, I should be fully saturated by now. Strength is still increasing; I am noticing it is easier to move the heavier weights day by day. In another day or two I should be able to increase my workout weight moved! As for fat loss, nothing yet. I am not gaining weight, nor losing weight...but I am getting stronger, so that is a big plus. Time to add another day of cardio.

                    With Barny. TKA, and now MadHatter all saying I should run gw-50 to my s4, I will have to do it. Just ordered some!


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                      4/11/16 Day 15

                      Still trucking alone, waiting for my GW50 order to arrive. I have upped the dose from the recommended 50mg a day (25/25 split) to 60mg a day (30/30 split) 3 days ago because I am wondering if I will get any extra benefit from it. I actually thought I logged the change, but I must have failed to press the post button.

                      I have actually seen a little more fat loss, at least more weight loss. After 15 days, I am now down to 194 pounds and am around 18% body fat, say my somewhat untrustworthy calipers. My muscle sizes have not increased, but that is not my main goal...but they have also not DECREASED, so I am quite pleased. So far, a 3 pound a week loss with no noticeable muscle loss is making me happy.

                      I am thinking of adding a pre workout, anyone have any recommendations? I think I will start a thread for it on its own, to get more input.


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                        4/13/16 Day 17

                        Vascularity in my arms and legs has improved dramatically. It is very noticeable after working out and I find myself staring at my arms and legs in the mirror. I am sure the healthy and proper diet I am also now on is really helping, but I cannot but think the S4 is playing its part. My strength keeps improving every day and I am rapidly raising my weights. Is the S4 helping me out a lot, or is it just that I am now eating and exercising properly and seeing the results of that? I feel it is some of both. S4 is not magic, but it is a little push to help my body be better than it would be without it.

                        I still have a slight yellowing of my vision. Only noticeable when I search for it by staring at normally very blue items or at very white lights. No loss of night vision though, so I am not worried about it.


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                          Any updates? You are doing great so far!
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                            Yellowing has gone away. Did not change anything, so I must have accidently taken a few extra doses due to forgetting I took them already. I am feeling much stronger, still slowly increasing my max reps. My body fat percentage is slowly going down. I started at 200lbs and 20% body fat and now I am at 192 lbs and 18% body fat. I look better in the mirror, too.

                            I received my new bottles from Sarms Search, so here they are:



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                              hows it coming?