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Having Your Articles "Stolen"

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  • Having Your Articles "Stolen"

    I've written numerous articles on female AAS use. Some for internet sites, some more detailed ones in scientific journals and a few in regular mags. I just recently found out that a certain website has posted many of them which is perfectly fine.

    However the lady that posted them has made it seem like she has written them when in fact it was all copy and paste.

    I've come across this before with an article or two but she has taken a great number of them and now everybody thinks she is this "guru" on the subject.

    I also see her give shit advice on the subject.

    I'm angry but I don't think there is anything I can do.

    Any thoughts? What would you do?

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    Typically when articles are posted, credit must always be given to the author. The information available to women on the subject of female anabolics is scarce and so you will see numerous copy pastes on just about any forum that has a chemical section. I don't think there is necessarily anything wrong with it as long as the information is accurate. Most of the time advice comes from sources that lack credibility so its usually the more experienced individuals who have something to show for whose advice holds the most merit. I have been around the boards for several years and honestly, there are only a handful of women who can converse on this subject and give solid advice. Care to share some of your write-ups? I am, however, not sure this is the appropriate forum for you to post this thread in. Perhaps you could address the woman in person and discuss how displeased you are with her tactics on offering advice. You certainly can request that this woman edit her posts to give credit where it is due. A number of things you could do actually to solve this issue with minimal stress.

    Hope it works out for you Edna! As long as your articles are published and credit is given to you for your contributions, then I am sure the women who frequent discussion forums on the intrawebs would be thankful to have your write ups to use as reference, regardless of the poster.

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