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primo for women

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  • primo for women

    I have a friend getting ready for figure show... she is about to do a cycle of primo and var. My question is what will be good dosing for her? She's about 120lb, late 30s in age, pretty lean already. This is her 2nd cycle. I know she did 75mg/wk of primo for her 1st cycle. She said she was told to only pin 1x a week.... Since its acetate ester shouldn't she be pinning EOD or is that only with males? Please help so I can offer correct advice if she's not using the right way.

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    good call, didnt even know they existed. thanks


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      Originally posted by Corrupt Nexus View Post
      Post this on female pharmacology board, it was created specifically for questions as pertaining to females.

      yeah.... to answer your question its 100mg 5-7days for women.



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        Can someone move this thread into female pharmacology please?
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          if i knew how i would. but i already re-posted it there


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            For starters, Injectable primo is an Enanthate ester. Its oral Primobolan that actually has an Acetate ester. 100mg once a week is a respectable dose to try considering she has already run it at 75mg/week with good results. If that is too much oil for a single shot, she can even follow a Monday/Thursday dosing protocol at 50mg a shot.
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              ur right, injectable is enanthate. my mistake. thanks for the input