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Advanced Cycling for Veteran Users

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  • Advanced Cycling for Veteran Users

    I would like this thread to be dedicated to the more advanced cycling and stacking protocols popular among enhanced female athletes. I will be happy to address any concerns anyone may have regarding regimen and dosing and welcome anonymous contributors through PMs, if necessary.

    First inquiry received was regarding proper dosing protocol of test prop, NPP and anavar as a bulker. User is an experienced female

    20mg var ed 10 weeks
    40mg prop 8-10 weeks
    40mg NPP 8-10 weeks
    0.5mg Dostinex e3d

    I will post another thread regarding PCT and women.

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    I have seen dosages all over the map for females but common doses for advanced users would be similar to the following.

    50-150mg Deca weekly
    50-100mg Testosterone weekly
    50-150mg Tren weekly
    100-200mg Masteron weekly
    20-40mg Anavar daily
    25-50mg Winny daily
    50-100mcg T3 daily
    50-150mcg Clen daily
    2.5mg Letro daily
    20-40mg Nolva daily

    Some ladies may opt for all of the above stacked but that will cause major side effects. Most the gals I know at this level will stack 3-4 different AAS and exchange compounds during the course of their prep.

    These dosages/stack are not recommended.
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