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Last 10-15 lbs - Please help with AM cardio, diet and *SUPPLEMENTS*

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  • Last 10-15 lbs - Please help with AM cardio, diet and *SUPPLEMENTS*

    Let me fill you in on my situation first:

    I've been in ketosis for the last 3 months solid and haven't broken it or cheated in any way. During those three months, I didn't use any supplements and lost roughly 35 pounds. Now I'm down to the final 10-15 and I'm starting to stall.

    This is my plan.. I'm going to start doing 45 minutes of AM cardio on an empty stomach and keep in ketosis through February. But this is where I need help:

    -What intensity should the cardio be and is 45 minutes enough?
    -How many meals should I be eating at this point? I try to stick around 4 but I feel like increasing that to 5-6 could help a bit.
    -Should I stay in ketosis this next month or carb cycle?
    -Finally, and most importantly, these supplements just came in Thursday and Friday: Gaspari Thyrotabs, Lipo 6 Black & Yohimburn DF. I could get ephedrine but don't currently have any on hand. (would you recommend it?)

    So here's my question - Does this sound good and if not, how would you change it?

    I was thinking about staying in ketosis for February, doing AM cardio four times a week with one tab of Lipo 6 Black 30 minutes before the cardio and then one cap in the afternoon and using the Yohimburn right after I get out of the shower (to maximize absorption and effectiveness). I've got the Thyrotabs like I said, but was planning on using those 3-4 weeks into the bulker that will follow right after I get down to my goal BF%, sub-10%.

    Sorry for such a long post. I just had a lot to say and really need some help figuring all this out. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Any thoughts?


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      Well if you have been doing ketosis for this long, sounds like your body has long adjusted to it already and needs a change. personally I would switch into a carb cycle maybe a 3 low and 1 high, but keep protein decently high and moderate fats. Cardio first thing in the morning is perfect and at a decent intensity, not so much running but a high incline really focusing on the hams and glutes as you walk to increase calorie burning, but before hopping on definitely consume a shake and some bcaa's/aminos to help keep you from losing muscle and to help fuel you as well. The diet stack sounds ok too.
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        I don't thing adding epedrine with all that stuff is very good. maybe somthing other then another stim? green tea, need2slin, CLA and also we have a new one called rezolution as well.
        all im saying is dont goo too crazy on stims and make sure you stay hydrated.
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