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OxyElitePro and Breakfast/Morning workout

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  • OxyElitePro and Breakfast/Morning workout

    I typically wake-up an hour before I workout. I immediately have a protein/oatmeal shake + a piece of fruit to fuel my workout. I also have a post-workout shake then try to do whole foods the rest of the day. I am going into a cutting phase but want to maintain lean body tissue. I am currently at 15% body fat and trying to get to single digits.

    I have read OEP should be taken at least 20 minutes before eating but I really don't want to get up earlier so I can fit in my meal 1 hour before working out. Should I take OEP after my post-workout shake? Get up earlier and take it before pre-workout shake? Don't worry about it - take with shake first thing.

    I have been taking Jack3d (thinking about trying Cellucor4 thoughts?) pre-workout. If I take OEP upon waking will OEP replace Jack3d nicely with the caffeine it contains (I understand I shouldn't take them together)? Should I add anything to it (beta-alanine?) If I take OEP after workout then I believe it will be OK to use Jack3d before workout?

    P.S. How long do you think it will take to go from 15% to 9.9%? (I know many variables).

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    I would rec LG's Rezolution.
    very nice kick to it.
    also need2slin is nice aswell.
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