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What happened to the Gaspari essay contest?

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  • What happened to the Gaspari essay contest?

    It appears it has been removed from the site...wondering why?

    It went on for months with promises that essays would be read and evaluated, but nothing ever happened...until, I guess, they stopped the promo.

    Kinda sad :-(

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    It got canned. Seems like there was a lot of ball-dropping going on. I talked with AdMan about it pretty regularly, and he took some time to find out what was going on despite it not being part of his responsibilities (thanks again for that man) and in the end it was decided to end it. I offered to shoulder the load and take responsibility for running it myself, but they decided not to go that route. Bums me out, I really enjoyed the essay contest and was using it to build a portfolio.
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      thanks - definitely sucks that they ended it. didn't seem like it was that complicated or time-consuming - just weird it seemed to get lost in the shuffle.