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Supplement advice for a 50 yr old

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  • Supplement advice for a 50 yr old

    A friend who's 50 just started training with me after many years of just running. He asked me about what supplements to use that would help with his lifting and for overall health. Admittedly, I know little to nothing about supplements and use only fish oil and vitamin D. Are there any other supplements anyone would advise using?

    Edit: I also use this:

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    One shot of cypionate every 10 days.


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      Hey Bob,

      At your age, the one most beneficial supplement would be a test booster. Look for one that combines a few different compounds. You want a 3 gram dose of D Aspartic Acid and 1000-1500mg Bulgarian Tribulus. Those are common, but effective

      Start with that, go from there


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        Like all true bodybuilders I get my supplements from use discount code BIGOSO


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          Thanks for the replies. I am on HRT. The question is legitimately for a friend and considering I know little about OTC supplements, I asked here.