Welcome to MD. I would like to thank you for registering and stopping in to contribute with information about your line of bodybuilding supplements.

As a reminder, this forum is meant to educate the MD audience on the latest products available to help them achieve their bodybuilding goals. If your line is currently available in the MD Store, we would love to have you as part of our community. In fact, you can contact me if you would like to work on forum promotions, sampling, and online community events. It would be my pleasure to help, and our loyal readers would love the opportunity to give new things a try I'm sure. [email protected]

If your products are currently NOT available in the MD store, then perhaps we can get that taken care of as well. Simply contact Brian - [email protected] for information on how to get your line into the store, joining the family of brands now available here at MD.

Lastly, within these forums as well as sub forums (Guest Q&A), we will not tolerate representatives from companies bashing or making underhanded comments towards a competitor's products. There is no need for that kind of activity. If you make a solid product yourself, you should not have to resort to undermining tactics or negativity towards another company and their line in the first place. As my mother told me growing up "if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all", or in this case...Stay out of the thread.

It is unfortunate, but should you post in that kind of fashion, we will ultimately have to take measures to remove you from the MD forums. Something that nobody wants and obviously can easily be avoided.

Again, thank you for contributing and helping to enrich the MD community.