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Yaxeni Oriquen wins FBB! Adela Garcia Wins Fitness! Nicole Wilkins Takes Figure! Full Results!

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    Originally posted by RockyIII View Post
    i honestly miss seeing FBBers be able to get as big as they can
    I'm gonna be sick LOL


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      Well there's political placings in fitness too...Adela has been known to get cozy with Weinberger. Nicole with Donnally. Political in Mens BB tomorrow would be a all 4 MD athletes (evan, wolf, dex, branch) place 1-4


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        IFBB left physiques, presentation in the dust. It means NOTHING anymore. If you're striated in the ass or are blowing a judge or giving them your prize're IN!!! There's no unwritten mandate, it's all crap. Bodybuilding in its truest sense has been over for years.

        Its not who ya know, it's who ya screw!


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          There is no such thing as bodybuilding CONTESTS anymore, it's hey, I'm gonna work my ass off for years and then let a few idiots "judge" me and put a moron who's doing everybody in first place. All sports are pretty bad with politics or whatever, but bodybuilding, figure, get pennies for pay (if any) and the most unaccountable would be almost worth it if there was some money in it.

          BTW who are these idiot women doing bikini?? Would you let any woman you gave a crap about do this kind of thing? Jesus I totally lost all faith in women, lets all step back about 40years. When female bodybuilders first came on the scene it was pretty cool till the big mugs came out, but they never once had a mandatory crotch shot! IQs and self respect have never been lower in any "sport" till this one. I guess the promotors think we don't see their greedy plan, but I guess the people competing in this crap don't for sure. Mastery on the making money on these bimbos but the crotch shot is over the line. What are the bikini boys oh, I mean board short men, gonna have to do? Whatever it takes I guess! We all know how much the fellas in charge like those boys!
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            Originally posted by NITRO300 View Post
            Well there's political placings in fitness too...Adela has been known to get cozy with Weinberger. Nicole with Donnally. Political in Mens BB tomorrow would be a all 4 MD athletes (evan, wolf, dex, branch) place 1-4
            geeeeeee.........say it isn't so.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


            • #21
              Christ. The women's judging is such b.s. Adela? Really? Again? Riiiight. I think Erin or Candace could have taken it. Something about Nicole's physique didn't pop this time, like it did last year. And fbb continues to judge based on what? Popa looks the best out of the top three...and fits more with the new criteria the IFBB has been instituting which is...smaller women in bodybuilding and women with zero muscle in figure and bikini....and unless your name is Adela in fitness, fuck you.
              "You're not impressed? Are you kidding me?! Every guy that steps on that (Olympia) stage is a legend somewhere." - King Cutler


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                Originally posted by majrminer View Post
                For pleasing and well proportioned figures, Ava and Candice got the shaft.
                yep your bang on the money there


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                  Congrats to all the winners and contestants


                  • #24
                    Erin Stern Rox!!!!!

                    Strength & Honor!


                    • #25
                      Debi got robbed!

                      And someone PLEASE explain to me how Nicole is THAT much better than Erin?

                      Kizzy and Oksana are amazing
                      SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY
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                      • #26
                        I was blown away by Alina P. Can't wait to see her in the future.
                        Nicole is a great athlete but she kinda fades in amongst the other girls. I had Erin over Nicole and i much prefer Candices shape too. All the girls looked really good this year though, it was a really great line up!


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                          Nicole Wilkins deserved her win. She looked spectacular.

                          Adela's annual gifts are a travesty and based on behind-the-scenes politics.


                          • #28
                            I was at the womens finals, when i saw Erin walk out on stage i thought to myself "she looks skinny" and Candice, well i love her but her shoulders are just too overpowering and clearly Figure is going for a softer look (ie. Nicole keeps winning) so she needs to soften up.

                            Also, this goes for guys and girls. If you are the reigning champ you have to be off and everyone else has to be amazing for you to lose your throne. Nicole was off, but so was everyone else. Same in the mens BBing, Branch was off but so was everyone else that could compete against him.

                            This was erins show if she didn't lose so much muscle trying to come in tight.. Glad to see the title coming back with my good friend Nicole though!


                            • #29
                              Originally posted by Joe Pietaro View Post
                              Yaxeni surely deserved this win. She was on point and took advantage of Iris not being in Columbus. We'll never know what would have happened if she was and it's a moot point, anyway.

                              Debi looked good but I thought that she actually looked better a year ago than she did this past weekend. And Alina Popa is climbing the ranks in this sport and can use this good placing as a springboard to do some damage at the Ms. O.
                              There is no way you were at the contest if that is what you think. Yaxeni was beat at every angle by Debi...and Alina for that matter. The front relaxed comparison is devastating to Yaxeni. Conditioning - Debi has Yaxeni beat soundly.

                              Nicole was soft in her legs - Erin had her beat.