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Chick Goes Nuts at Expo! Jose, Kuclo, Antoine, Alvisi, Efferding, Dana Linn & Yaxeni Interviews

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    Originally posted by chick View Post
    I actually asked Antoine how he wanted his name pronounced just before we started, and HE told me to pronounce it that way....
    You pronounced the guy's name wrong. Not a huge deal. HE doesn't care how dumb Americans pronounce it because he is such a humble guy. He should have corrected you and embarrassed you. Maybe it would've prompted you to take a class that addresses your problems with " Non-Regional Diction " -- or maybe just learn how different groups pronounce letters so you don't sound like a dummy and give bodybuilders a bad rep -- Maybe at a community college or something. Good luck.

    Originally posted by roy1979 View Post
    take your foot out of your mouth you dumb asshole
    My point still completely stands. Antoine V. speaks French therefor as a PROFESSIONAL REPORTER and out of respect as a fellow bodybuilder and just as a man you should probably learn how to pronounce his name correctly using his natural accent. I've heard Antoine say his own name, and he sure as shit didn't say VALIANT.