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Team MD to Cover the 2012 FitExpo

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  • Team MD to Cover the 2012 FitExpo

    Join Team MD and Shawn Ray as they cover the 2012 Los Angeles Fitness Expo. Last year we captured a good set of interviews of current and past IFBB Professional Bodybuilders in addition to popular athletes and the occasional star!

    Join us there or watch on line as we catch up with your favorite MD Athlete or some famous person Shawn Ray happens to catch on camera.

    "What is patriotism but the love of the food one ate as a child?" ~ Lin Yutang.

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    Muscle Egg will be there too! Stop by the booth Mike.


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      Looking forward to profiling, previewing and catching up with yesterdays, today's and tomorrows Champions here in So. Cal!
      This EXPO is widely popular and hugely attended!!!

      Stay tuned for the latest MD Interviews coming from the LA Convention Center with Team MD!

      Strength & Honor


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        Congratulations to Middle Weight & Overall Champion- Jason DeMarco!
        First Time Ever Competing!

        Jason at 5'9 - 170lbs 35yr old passed the Polygraph Test, is a protege of CEO, GreenEnergy X1, Bert Perry out of Equinox Gym in Beverly Hills, Ca!

        Jason, originally from Harlem, NY has been living in LA for the past 18yrs plans on competing 2 more times this year to try and qualify for the Nationals!!

        Congrats kid!

        Strength & Honor


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          Great 1st Day in LA at the EXPO with 90 Degrees and Sunny today!

          We grabbed interviews with:

          Rich Gaspari

          Jay Cutler

          Hide Yamagishi

          Toney Freeman

          Lee Labrada

          An Ngyuen

          And several Sponsors!!

          Stay tuned for Video Upload soon!

          Strength & Honor