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2012 Australian Pro Play-By-Play with Shawn Ray and George Farah - Jam Packed with Photos!

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  • 2012 Australian Pro Play-By-Play with Shawn Ray and George Farah - Jam Packed with Photos!

    Welcome to MD's IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix Play-By-Play with Shawn Ray
    presented by Gaspari Nutrition

    Pre-Judging kicks off Saturday March 17th at 3 pm in Melbourne, Australia
    For those of you in the 'States, that's Friday the 16th at 9 pm Pacific Time and Midnight on the East Coast

    Finals are Saturday at 7 pm in Melbourne, which is 1 am Pacific and 4 am Eastern

    So burn the midnight oil tonight with Shawn Ray downundah!

    Tony Doherty Talks Australian Pro Grand Prix 2012 on Muscle Beach

    The Australia Pro 2012

    The journey to "The Land Down Under" began with me leaving my house at 8pm to LAX Airport in So. California which as an hour drive with no traffic to catch a 14 hour non-stop flight to the of Melbourne where contest promoter Tony Doherty will play host to the 12th Annual Australian Pro Grand Prix which has grown over the years to include:
    Pro Figure, Strongman, MMA, Arm Wrestling, Powerlifting Competitions and more!

    It has been 9 years since my last visit to Melbourne where I held the 2003 -"Shawn Ray Muscle Camp" at Tony's - 24/7 Gym with IFBB Pro's Milo's Sarchev, Melvin Anthony, Richard Jones, Luke Wood, Jonathan Davies and a few other notables.
    At that time former 1995 Mr. Olympia, Sonny Schmidt was living out his last days before passing due to Cancer and the late Luke Wood was just getting noticed on the Pro Scene before passing a year ago due to Kidney complications. Times were different then, Ronnie Coleman had a firm grasp on the Sandow Trophy going on 6 years, Former IFBB Vice President, Wayne DeMilia's was still running the Pro Division, IFBB President, Ben Weider was steering the ship still trying tirelessly to gain Olympic recognition for the sport of Bodybuilding all while there were whispers in the air that the Weider Publishing machine maybe sold to an even more promising Publishing company that would take the sport "Main Stream."

    If you had told me back then that Jay Cutler would have 3 Arnold Classic Trophies I could have believed that could be possible but 4 Sandow Trophies to go along with 5 First Mr. Olympia Runner Up finishes and a Hall of Fame Career? I may have been a bit skeptical nonetheless I am pleasantly surprised and genuinely happy for the former Olympia Champion!

    While it is true a lot has changed regarding the landscape of our sport, its leaders, the new divisions and the Prize Money even more has changed for me personally since my last visit here as a newly wed to my wife, Kristie in April of 2003. We are now on the verge of our 9th Wedding Anniversary in couple of weeks and I'm also I'm staying busy playing pops to a couple of dancing/ gymnasts in the form of our 6 year old, Asia Monet and soon to be 4 year old on April 30th, Isabella Blu as I approach 10 1/2 years away from the contest stage perspective and priorities are significantly different these days. Will Melbourne be all that different too? That's a definite, "Yes" as I'm welcomed here with gray skies and sprinkles of rain in the air. Immediately I can see the City has grown by leaps and bounds, more cars and people on the downtown loostreets and the enormous Convention Center that will play host to this weekends events is State of the Art!

    Heading into this season of "Global Contest Coverage" for Team MD it dawned on me how significantly things have changed for our sport, the athletes, sponsors, economy and more with relation to how insane it is these days to bring "Real Time Content" to the rest of the world. 2012 in Melbourne is the first leg of our Global Coverage as we will continue our journey into places like; Essen , Germany- Madrid, Spain- Birmingham, England- Toronto, Canada, Tijuana, Mexico- Helsinki, Finland- Mumbai, India- and Manchester, England this year alone! The International Federation of Bodybuilding appears to be alive and well not to mention the number of Pro Contests being staged in the US of A alone.

    As this 17 1/2 hour journey from my front porch to the Melbourne Airport wines down my first stop will be at 24/7 Gym owned by promoter, Tony where I was greeted by Australian IFBB Judge and good friend of nearly 20 years, Andre Burrows who judged me in Sydney, Australia when I was 20 yrs old after I won the Jr. World Championships. I then bumped into IFBB Pro fom New Zealand, Moe Elsommoui and Brazilian Pro Figure competitor, Larissa Reiss in the gym lobby as everyone was arriving.
    Great improvements to the gym since my last visit!

    Saturday we will pick up our contest coverage via MDTV Exclusive Contest Coverage and some "Play by Play" content as the fans will surely miss last years Winner and Best Poser, Dennis Wolf who chose to skip this years event thus leaving door wide open for the 2012 Arnold Classic Champion, Branch Warren to come and wreck havoc on all challengers! While we don't have a "deep" line up of Pro's competing we do have a couple of interesting side stories that will unfold and take shape onstage for sure so stay tuned to Musculardevelopment.Com for News, Information and Contest Results!

    Pictures & Video still to come...... And The IFBB Pro Figure Rematch that includes Ms. Olympia & Ms. International Winner, Nicole Wilkins, Erin Stern & Alicia Harris to name a few!

    * Melbourne Australia Time is: 18 hours Ahead of California/ 21 hours Ahead of New York!

    Here's a photo of the view from my room above the Harbor in Melbourne next o the contest venue!

    S Ray

    Strength & Honor!

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    I just got in town for the MD Coverage!
    Show starts Saturday, Melbourne is 18hrs head of Cali and 21hrs ahead of New York!

    Strength & Honor!


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      Hmmmmmm, I wonder who's gonna win??? LOL


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        Yeah talk about a show being over before it even started


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          Hahaha It's kind of sad, though.

          Branch is going to kill it. I wonder how his condition will compare to the AC.


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            It's 11am here in Melbourne and they have just barely opened the doors to the Fans here at the FitX Expo and they are starting with an Amateur Bikini Contest and later at 3pm here the Pro Men will take the Stage next door on the Main Stage!

            The reigning Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath is in the House along with Kevin English, George Farah, Branch Warren and more!!!!

            Hayden Wilson, a fellow Aussie will be getting some MDTV Video Clips for us coming up shortly to help capture the weekends events!

            Strength & Honor


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              I don't know if any of you guys watch Formula 1, first race of the season takes place this Sunday in Melbourne. Shawn go catch the show, you'll never forget the roar of the engines. 2AM eastern on Speed Sat/Sun, sorry I know ahem yeah, go Branch!!


              • #8
                Talk about a mad weekend, you got the Australian Body Building Grand Prix as well as the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, the fit x expo as well as the v8 super cars, its a sports fans smorgasbord.

                Shaun it be great for yourself and Heath to get over and watch the cars, you guys may get swamped by the fans but ha ha. Enjoy the 4 seasons in one day in Melbourne, Worst weather in OZ


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                  S Ray Paparazzi Pictures:

                  IFBB Vice Prez of Austrial/Asia Championships, Paul Graham & IFBB Judge, Andre Burrows

                  Australian Amateur Figure Open

                  Former IFBB Pro, Sammy Ionniddies

                  Hall of Famer, Rich Gaspari & IFBB Pro, Hide Yamagishi

                  Strength & Honor


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                    Originally posted by alexceau View Post
                    I don't know if any of you guys watch Formula 1, first race of the season takes place this Sunday in Melbourne. Shawn go catch the show, you'll never forget the roar of the engines. 2AM eastern on Speed Sat/Sun, sorry I know ahem yeah, go Branch!!
                    They were practicing at 6am and screwed up my Beauty Rest!!! Lol

                    Strength & Honor


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                      More pics:



                      • #12
                        Sweet bikes!! No pic of you sitting on one?


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                          Awesome pics. Love the bikes.


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                            IFBB Figure Pro's-
                            Alicia Harris & Erin Stern before Prejudging

                            IFBB Pro BBer,
                            Brigitta Brezonva

                            IFBB Australian Pro BBer, Christine Envall

                            Pole Dancing

                            Strength & Honor


                            • #15
                              Mr O, Phil Heath

                              Kai Greene

                              Strongman Comp

                              Smart Shake Australia

                              Hall of Famer, Flex Wheeler

                              Strength & Honor