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One day closer to Nationals 08

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    Originally posted by jlb001 View Post

    I was born in Wisc and lived there for awhile along with Anchorage, Alaska. This girl prefers the warm climates but do love being here in Oklahoma City.

    I do want to wish everyone that is prepping for Nationals continued success with their preps, to stay focused to their tasks at hand and let's all have a blast in Atlanta.
    Nevermind Ill shut up... I will say southeners say that have a winter.... I always reply.... when?

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      Originally posted by debbiebramwell View Post
      I am so excited for you!!....I love the 3 week mark from a show (its coming up for you!)..its crazy how your body starts to change daily.....Your pics are awesome! ...and Im sure your posing will be perfect by show day! I bet alot of people who see pics here will see how freaky you really are on stage! Keep pushing! You and your girl will have alot of celebrating to do after for the holidays!
      thanks for coming back bc i wanna keep yours and others attn. i been a fan of your gf for a long time and watched you as well weather the storm of being in this industry to be where your at now. i appreciate everytime you stop by and post because you have been in my shoes and somethings are worth working hard for and if your at the show dont be stranger, say " hey whats up " and lets catch a few pics so i can drop em' on my myspace page.


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        Originally posted by The Landlord View Post
        Erik and I are so excited for you D! I so wish we could be there but you know we will be in Nashville celebrating another great occasion at Flex Lewis's wedding! You know we will be checking up on ya though!!!
        Landlord glad you stopped back by , i know U two wont be there but in spirit bc of the wedding but have some cake for us will ya ... also i been meaning to say this too you and Eric for awhile .
        you know i been in this game along time and have come across alot of ppl but i just wanna say you two are real people baby, completely genuine and i mean that from the heart, i sensed that from the 1st time i was around you guys and i wanna say NEVER CHANGE . we need more like you and eric in this sport , though me and HOUSE went at it on stage i left CLEVELAND building with someone i feel i can call a friend NOT just an associate or a competitor of mine. So yes you guys have fun at Flex's wedding and give him a shout out from me ( and if you read this Flex congrads dogg too you and your girl ).
        Landlord we'll talk soon


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          Looking good DT! Good luck at Nationals.
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            LT's Nationals Predictions

            Live in the Moment


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              Originally posted by jlb001 View Post

              woohoo I love it! great predictions!