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Final Pics til 08 Nationals.

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  • Final Pics til 08 Nationals.

    As I mentioned on Kenergy's thread "Darrell Terrell at the Gym" that these were gonna be my last pics before Nationals. As I stated I am 200lbs today and feeling very good and confident about what I am bringing to this show.

    These images I am sharing with you tonight have been taken through out the course of the day, starting at posing practice this afternoon and into the evening after cardio was completed. I just want you to take notice to how my physique filled out definition wise and how more seperated I got through the course of the day.

    I want to thank all you guys and your reponses to all my threads/pics through out this journey I have shared with you all. I do this for you guys and for you to help me stay grounded but grinding. So lt hvy wts here I come! And I can't wait to meet everyone at the show.

    Please let me hear your thoughts. I have been working on my back lat and back double bi pose to bring them out more, so let me know your thoughts if this has improved. As the way I have it set now, makes my waist appear smaller and my back wider. Jodie and Sherry Smith both hounded me on correcting it to what I have it and I also got some awesome advice from a few private PM's. You know who you are, so thank you guys!!
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    you look fucking great man. Very nice.


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      looking great man, and your back poses are looking good too, i wouldn't worry.... good luck at nationals!


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        good on you man you look awesome....back shots look great!
        If the bar's not bending then you're just pretending!


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 look tremendous...
          This is a language up with I cannot put.


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            Awesome! Yes, I can see the separation and definition changes as your day progressed.
            Great back. I posted the video on my thread, which also highlights your back development.


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              good luck


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                Wish I could go see you and Jodie! Good luck to you both!


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                  Your calves are so freaky puked a little!


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                    I'll cya backstage... your gonna do great brutha... Wish you and ur girl the best. Only few more weex then FOOOOOOODDD!!!

                    True Nutrition Athlete


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                      guys thanks for your comments so far , yes i know its two weeks and anything can happen at a show but i have had my heart put this show like im sure everyone else has too, as well as making sure Jodi looks the best she has ever looked as she treads her feet on to the national stage for the 1st time as well , two ppl dieting at the same time is never easy. but one thing is for sure i've kept my eye on the prize regardless & IM REPRESENTING 813 and the 405 area codes too the fullest.... TEAM BODYTECH / TOTAL PACKAGE COLLABORATION in full effect...

                      My favorite part of dieting is right now folks , when i get ready to start drying out right before the show , i busted my ass and got the fat off from everywhere, i kept my muscle mass and i got peeled even more. so Shawn Ray been a lt heavy is'nt bad bro as you stated !
                      anyway there is still work too do , i want it too be NO QUESTION when Tim has me come out friday night to that stage ....



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                        Just plain AWESOME!

                        Hard work and dedication always pay off, DT is a walking testament to that.

                        Don't worry sports fans; yes, I mention the importance of posing to Darrell also. Pictures are difficult to pick up the correct angle as well as lighting and we have to remember that the athletes are elevated as much as five feet onstage to create tremendous favorabel illusions. Thursday on until the prejudging stage, Coach Tim will tweak every one of Darrell's poses to bring out the last bit of magic. I think it's time to add a little flair to cap off what should be a most memorable weekend.

                        Thank you MD for making Darrell feel like a true champion & ambassador of our sport.

                        See you in Atlanta.
                        The Architect of the Elite of Champions



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                          Can't wait for the play by play. I'm gonna be glued to the computer watching for you both! Good luck!


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                            Originally posted by GirlyMuscle View Post
                            Can't wait for the play by play. I'm gonna be glued to the computer watching for you both! Good luck!
                            Chickie!! I got your cellie! You'll be getting the pic updates from in the room! Up close and personal!!
                            Live in the Moment