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    BSA, somce long drive make you car sick, here is my 2 cents for your contest/travel logistics for 2009. Like Bob Chic advised do the N American which is in Cleveland ( last couple yrs). Fly out of the 1st flight available in the early morning on thurs before the show.The flight from Newark NJ to Cleveland is shot and you won't need much food on the plane.

    Hey Howard it was nice meeting you at Nationals...I enjoyed our talk...Your definetely a die heart bodybuilding fan-judge...I did appreciate your input about my physique an all the positive things we discussed..Im feeling good to finally be away from the diet an got all my eating in...Much more happier now reguardless of my placing...I had a great yr after 2 yrs away from the sport.,..Im already 295 just from eating an filling goals for 2009 is to compete in 1 show an have a great off-season training with my boy Brandon Ray...Im gonna push him hard to get his PRO CARD 1ST at USAS...Then we focus on my goals which will be Nationals next yr...So thats almost a full yr of training before I hit the stage again...Thats plenty of time for me to make the changes to my wheels,back etc...Thnx again to all my Fans...Its been alot of fun getting to know you guys an communicating online with yall..Enjoy the holidays an eat..Dont hold back because Im going all out...Trust me...



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      Im gonna by honest with you Sean.
      You could have Alot more sucess if you focuse on getting Magazines covers or maby some tiny movie role or something..

      Both of those things are alot better then competing in BB.

      You have that Freaky size, But you are never gonna win a big show due to your legs, and you have probably worked them for over 10 years so if they aren't big now, will they ever be? (compared to upper body).

      Im thinking concentrate on getting exposure instead.
      Kind of like DA does. But minus the g4p hehe.

      Not hating.

      What do you think?


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        Alright, I read that you are gonna do one show next year. I wish you luck


        Have you posted your legs routine somwhere?


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          Hey Big Sean, haven't figured out how the visitor messages work yet so i'll just post here.
          Your Nationals Experience hasn't been the most fantastic, but I'm glad you're bouncing back from this minor setback and going all out for next year... you've been a huge inspiration to me and many other fans out there, and I hope you'll remember that especially when things don't seem to be going your way.
          I'm looking forward to hearing your name announced as the 2009 NPC Nationals Overall Champion
          happy holidays bro!


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            Originally posted by BIG SEAN View Post
            Whats up guys...Just got back home late last night from Atlanta an wanna share my experience with you..It all started Thursday afternoon where I was scheduled to fly out around noon but flight got delayed an didnt get into Atlanta until 4pm...That sucked as I begin to start stressn because Im very impatient an hate waiting...As many of yall know I was posting pics up until I left an was looking an feeling real good...When I arrived at the airport with my girlfriend who didnt attend either of my other shows due to the pressure an I was treating her pretty bad etc from the mood swings an the pressure leading into these shows./..So she was excited an we had our best 16 week prep with no drama stress etc..We get to airport an check in bags an of course one of our luggage weighed 53lbs,So as bad as the economy is I was charged $39 dollars for being 3lbs over the weight limit..That didnt sit well with me at all but I couldnt afford any stress so just paid an proceeded to Security checkpoint.

            .I brought a new cooler for this trip so I could have all my meals for this trip in 1 cooler..It was nice n big an was similiar to a suitcase with wheels etc..Very easy instead of having to carry it etc ...So we go to security an I put the big cooler up on the podium to get usual the problem gets worse..The guy says I gotta go through the entire cooler etc,I was like no problem its just food for my bodybuilding show etc...This guy was the biggest d*** ever..He took my peanut butter an my fish an almost took my chicken,Why I have no fuckn clue...That was the bulk of my food for entire weekend...He was about to take my cooked rice as well...So I began to argue with the guy an plead my case etc but he wasnt hearn nothing an basically threw my food away in front of me..That food wasnt cheap...So I swallowed it up an continued on with just rice cakes an my rice an they took my macadamium nut oil as well......

            Finally that was done an I had to wait in the airport extremely pissed off sweatn an begin to spill over etc....My girl was very supportive as she can control me sometimes...,,She said she will get to Atlanta and make sure to get whatever I needed dont stress you worked to hard...Cool...So finally our flight get here after a 2hr delay...We board the flight an now the cooler cant fit in the overhead..What more can happen,They say I have to check it in,So I do that an pay another #25 for a extra bag...Shaking my head..We arrive in Atlanta as it was a short flight an we get off plain an I forgot how big Atl airport is an decided to walk to the baggage area..Dummy move..Instead of walkn I could have jumped on airtran to the baggage area instead of walkn when I was already stressn an spilling over bigtime..I left Maryland weighn 285...

            Got to baggage claim an got luggage an all my food containers in cooler had opened up an was all over the cooler...Wow..Worse trip ever...So now Im like sayn to my girl,Im done I cant compete under these circumstances etc,I was serious to...We get everything an proceed to curb to decide how we will get to hotel,So I say lets just jump in cab an get there ASAP..Fine..That cost $30 plus 2 dollars for each person ...So already Im like $150 in the whole before we even get there..We get to hotel check in an right away I strip down an look at myself,Im flat an stringy as shit...Weigh-ins was at 7:30 an its now almost 5..Still gotta get painted etc an eat something..So I DECIDED i NEEDED FATS ETC or just a cheat meal,So I send her to Mcdonalds which is right up the street from hotel about a block away..I get a burger an 2 order of fries...That worked AWESOME..I filled back out an drunk almost a gallon of water an was weighn now about 275..Still light in my eyes...So I wanted to weigh-in like JRS at 280.

            Got painted an went down to weigh ins but didnt wanna weigh in until friday morning but was forced to get it over with...So I suck it up an go...I began to sweat inside more from just the sress an heat an pressure etc..Finally Supers are called up an I weigh in at 278,Same weight as USAS where I was way off..So i new it wasnt my weekend right there...
            Got back to room an begin to push the protein down as I got a chinese lady to grill me some chicken an alot of white rice...I brought some more oil from store I sent girl to...So I begin to follow Daves plan but I know Im off because I know my body...Get to bed early an hope friday is a miracle..NOT...LOL...

            Finally get to prejudging an my color is awful an IM OFF...Once you win a big show like I did at JRS,The judges expect you to show up like that or better an anything less,YOUR OFF..Its about 30 supers...An they have a cut-off right at pre-judging..I make top 15 an continue with the show..Im next to TREY BREWER who I destroyed at JRS an Ed Nunn on my left...Both improved an BSA OFF..So not lookn good but I continue battling etc/..Finally we all get called out an Im not in 1st call out..No problem I wasnt gonna Bitch after what I been through...So they 3 more guys up next,Not BSA but Im still holding up...Finally they call me in 3rd callout..I finished in 9th as many of yall know already..But after taking 9th at USAS,I was very disappointed with my showing...Went back to room an was completely hurt as It took 24hrs to take my body from lookn good up until to crash the final 2 days...

            At first I wasnt going back to finals an wanted to Quit all 2gether but again my girl put me in check etc...So I did what I know my body needed to do was eat n eat an fill out..I ate steak an everything I could eat...Looked much better the next day an came back for the night show like a man..They called my name an I hit my poses an my night an 16 weeks of hell was done...I talked an mingled with many of my friends,fans,PROS,SPONSORS ETC an decided it was another lesson learned..Was my 4th show this yr an it was time to reflect on the positive things I accomplished this yr...Looked so much better an felt good as I filled out an skin was much tighter compared to the pre-judging pics where I LOOKED LIKE SHIT...I was approached by MUSCLE-MAG an did a shoot with them Sunday an also PLANET MUSCLE...So the trip ended on a positive note..Im already in every magazine now an anymore publicity is better for me...So I got home late last night an look like I should have looked at NATIONALS but to late will be back bigger n better in 2009 an IM NOT DONE...I will do one show next yr with my eye on that PRO CARD...I will began training after holidays as my body needs a rest to chill an relax with my LOVED ONES..My KIDS NEED THERE DAD BACK...So Im gonna enjoy the holidays an come back hard in 09...I will be training with BRANDON RAY who will win USAS IN 2009 as a LIGHT HEAVY..THANK EVERYONE for the support an CONGRATS to the NEW PROS...Everyone enjoy the holidays an be THANKFUL for all the positive thngs in life...

            ..Hope I didnt bore you guys..Just wanted to share my weekend....TIME TO EATTTT..

            a bit easier on the eye now lol


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              This experience was just another obstacle I had to overcome...Its no longer a issue....I am back at home an I started my off-season training today with my boy BRANDON RAY...No more crying over spilled milk..Things happen for strange reasons an MY LIFE MUST GO ON...Now its time to focus on that PRO-CARD in 2009......going going GONEEEEE