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Flex Wheeler vs. Dexter jackson

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    it's not opinion dumbass it's fact. competing in the HEART of a 7 time mr. olympia's reign followed by an 8 time mr. olympia. two of the greatest ever. then you got dex competing against an "on the way out" jay. it's a different ball game. the fact that dexter got LUCKY to be competing in a time where there were no more unstoppable forces in no way makes him better than flex. get real
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      I have to agree with WillW. Hands down it was Flex over Dex for the fat that it was so close for the judges when Flex was going up against the only 8 time champ ever, that it was a judgment call, so to speak.

      If they were to go with ripped over mass, Flex would have won. This was the turning point in IFBB history (in my eyes) because this was the point when the judges made the decision to go with the idea that bigger was better and not with simatry (spelling).

      WillW is also right when he says that Dex didn't win this competition, it was given to him. It was Jays' to lose and that's what he did. Jay beat himself, not Dex beat Jay.

      Jays conditioning was off and now a days, the judges want to make the sport be about what Flex was against Ronnie back in the day. They want the conditioning as 1a and size to be 1b.

      I hope this helps clear things up (at least in my eyes) this is how it all went down.

      -Jay Cutler


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        who won the o? this not an argument. when ronnie coleman was in charge jay stuck it out through the hardest of times and won the o, but flex quit. the greatest runnerup is still the first loser.

        And there is no need for the insults, is he your boyfriend or something?


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          hey, you can own the world record for fastest 400 yard sprint but if you trip up at the finish line and lose the gold, your not the best.