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Did arnold deserve the 1980 olympia?

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    Originally posted by hulk4lif View Post
    well, arnold had very peaky biceps, i think thats what caused him to win, lou had a much more massive body, but also franko was pretty deffined and muscular at the same time, i think either lou or franko deserved to win not arnold.
    Lou, though taller and heavier, wasn't in the same condition as Arnold in Pumping Iron. And Franco, God bless him, had no chance against the Austrian Oak. Ever.


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      Originally posted by The_Halfmoon View Post
      If your memory needs to be refreshed


      Most people say no, but he does look pretty decent. he's taller than most, and still quite big. but Mentzer did look great.

      I'm going to say he deserved it, but I can see the controversy


      Was he the clear winner?


      What he deserved was a spanking from Aurelia for having shown such poor sportsmanship. He surprised and therefore disrespected his fellow competitors by taking advantage of his star status, his friends on the judging panel, and the simple fact that he could just waltz in and take the trophy.

      Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

      From what I've read, he encouraged Frank Zane to compete even though Zane was injured and had asked for Arnold's advice on returning for a shot at his fourth Olympia.

      Former training partner, roommate, and supposed friend? Nice. But Zane definitely shot himself in the foot when he was interviewed by Arnold that one year where Zane mentioned beating Arnold at the Universe in 1968.


      Arnold holds a grudge.

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        "Total Rebuild"

        Part 1

        Part 2

        Part 3

        Part 4


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          On not being selected as one of the final six at the 1980 Olympia:

          "You ask if I'm depressed? Yeah. (laughter) I'm the best I can be right now."
          - Tom Platz

          @ 3:40 in 4/4:

          "You have to be able to step back, out of yourself, and look at it what you're doing and laugh about it. Because it's all funny. Being the best built men in the world. Very funny."
          - Arnold Schwarzenegger

          Like I said, poor sportsmanship and no seeming understanding of where those other competitors were at that point in time. Arnold was promoting himself for his upcoming movie, talking about the old days, while others - like Tom Platz - were pouring their blood into the sport.