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IFBB Atlantic City Pro PLAY-BY-PLAY with Shawn, Flex, Lee Priest & Team MD

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    shawn, do we know exactly the schedule? time etc?
    Will get it and post it ASAP!


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      good luck to Jennifer Sedia in the female bodybuilding, i'm helping her for this show, she's looking great!!!!!


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        Jennifer Sedia in the female bodybuilding
        Nice "PACKAGE!"

        Good work Don!


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          Best of luck Lil mama (Benincia Lopez).......

          Muscular Development Forum Rules :.


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            thanks shawn ,look out for her i think she'll be at her best...


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              this is an incredible lineup!! great show coming this weekend!!
              Satisfaction is good. Pride is better.


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                U jacked my beat yo

                Originally posted by Shawn Ray View Post
                2009 Atlantic City Pro IFBB Championships
                Friday & Saturday, September 11&12th
                Atlantic City, New Jersey
                Promoted by
                Stokley Palmer & Ron Goldstein

                Brought to you by
                GASPARI Nutrition

                Men's Open

                1 Almohsinawi, Khalid (Netherlands)

                2 Anthony, Melvin (USA)

                3 Apperson, Lee (USA)

                4 Badell, Gustavo (USA)

                5 Barrios-Sanchez, Jorge (SPAIN)

                6 Chacon, Marcos (SPAIN)

                7 Cohen, Simon (UNITED KINGDOM)

                8 Dexter, Oscar (Tahiti)

                9 Ingram, Leo Jr (USA)

                10 Karadjuzovic, Emro (Yugoslavia)

                11 Karamanlakis, Emmanouil (GREECE)

                12 Lavoie, Marc (CANADA)

                13 EFX's Lytle, Daron (USA)

                14 McGrath, Frank (USA)

                15 Ojex, Bola (Nigeria)

                16 Pelletier, Jocelyn (Canada)

                17 Piotrkowicz, Robert (Poland)

                18 Richardson, Craig (USA)

                19 Sauvage, Frederic (France)

                20 Seccarecci, Daniele (Italy)

                21 Tabrizi, Ali Nouri (IRAN)

                22 Yamagishi, Hidetada (JAPAN)

                23 Alves, Troy

                * Play by Play will be brought to you by Shawn Ray & Flex Wheeler, as well as TEAM MD beginning Friday with the 202 lbs Pro!
                Flex Wheeler


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                  Good luck to Troy and Gustavo!!!

                  Follow the show with you guys..!!!
                  BODYBUILDING RULES©... IN EVOLUTION!!!


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                    Go Hide!


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                      i want to attend the ac pro but might have to work; sucks! atleast i would see the results on here; md. goodluck fellas.


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                        good luck for the brazilian girls!! especially Larissa reis!!
                        Victor Bortoletto - Brazilian ifbb States Champ


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                          No Ben Pakulski ? Was he missed on the list Shawn or just not competing?
                          Prepare to get Rocked:


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                            No Ben Pakulski ? Was he missed on the list Shawn or just not competing?
                            Not on the list means he is NOT competing.


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                              IFBB Atlantic City Pro PLAY-BY-PLAY with Shawn, Flex & Team MD

                              The MD Play-By-Play will be hosted by Shawn Ray & Flex Wheeler as well as Team MD beginning Friday, 9/11 at 5:00pm EST (2:00pm California Time) with the Pro Men Under 202lbs, Pro Women's Bodybuilding, Pro Fitness, and Pro Master's Figure.

                              The coverage will continue on Saturday, 9/12 at 10:00am EST (7:00am PST) with the Pro Men Open Class and concluding with the finals at 6:00pm EST (3:00pm PST).

                              Stay tuned for great coverage!!
                              Steve Blechman, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
                              Facebook Twitter Instagram


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                                We should have some guys stopping by the "Play by Play" to drop in their "Two Cents" as well!
                                Including Kevin Levrone and other East Coast Experts!