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AC Pro Men's OPEN & 202lbs "Finals Wrap Up"

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  • AC Pro Men's OPEN & 202lbs "Finals Wrap Up"

    2009 IFBB Atlantic City Pro

    “Open Men Finals Wrap Up”

    The 3rd Annual Atlantic City Pro Championships have come to a close with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder left for dead in recent years, Gustavo Badell resurrecting his career by toppling Bodybuilding standouts like Melvin Anthony, Troy Alves and Hidetada Yamagishi for the win!

    The Champ: Gustavo Badell from the onset of the show came into Prejudging like a Man on a Mission, hitting each Compulsory Pose with authority accompanied by a verbal assault of Grunts and Groans to the amusement of the crowd. Gustavo this time around a few a few forgettable appearances in Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia contests, really dialed everything in for this win although he did stated after the show that he and his trainer, Chad Nichols only wanted to show 85% of what he will display in two weeks time at the 44th annual Mr. Olympia Contest in Las Vegas. Most of the improvements by Gustavo were in his Conditioning and his back side. While he was harder than the majority of the line-up, he was one breathe away from not having control over his midsection which was peeled when flexed but a tad distended when relaxed. Gustavo’s color and posing were spot on and worthy of mentioning because several of the guys made the “Rookie” mistake of not paying attention to detail and it might have cost them points when the dust settled. Gustavo noted that a lot of his recent failures on the competition stage were his fault as he was busy making babies, relocating in Puerto Rico while not being 100% available for championship like training that got him noticed in the first place. Upon further observation and critique of Gustavo’s physique, his quads were noticeably down in size while his hamstrings maintained the sweep from the side with “peek a boo” striations throughout. I have to give Gustavo credit as he appeared to be the biggest of the final 4 guys yet also the most conditioned. If he drops a few more pounds and can control his midsection better by Olympia time, I predict he will move back into contention for a Top 6 Finish!
    2nd Place: Hidetada Yamagishi shocked a few in the audience when announced in the 1st Runner up slot, as many in the crowd felt that honor would go to Troy Alves but nonetheless, Hide as he is known to his fans, left no stone unturned in his contest prep where he reunited with Milos Sarchev for a spell training at the Kolessium Gym in Fullerton, Ca. Hide had the right Color, Confidence and Condition to beat much bigger guys in this contest yet many felt he would simply get over looked due to his smaller stature which was not the case. Holding a slight film of water, he held no more than the defending champion Melvin Anthony and no more than the Orlando Pro Champ, Troy Alves. All things being equal, Hide was strong in areas the previously mentioned were not; Calves, Hams and Glutes. Hide stated prior to the show he was only doing this show to get a Victory and came up just a tad short while getting a small victory by defeating Melvin and Troy on his way to peaking at the Olympia!
    3rd Place: Troy Alves looked a bit bewildered when his name was called in third place as he felt this show would be his Second Pro Win of his career but it was not to be. A slightly dejected Alves, gracefully accepted the $6,000.00 Check for his efforts but made not bones about the fact that he felt he was slighted in the contest, “I knew I did everything I could to win here tonight, I was hard in all the right places, my waist was tight and small, my posing has improved and I am better than my last contest. I will have to study the photos of the show to see how Hide beat me, I felt I had Gustavo because you could see he was struggling with his gut and breathing hard when hit his poses which tells me he wasn’t in top shape!” By the time the crowd left and Troy got dressed he simply put this show in the Bank and relished the victory over Melvin Anthony which he predicted back on MD Radio last week. “It means a lot to me to beat a guy like Melvin who has been top 6 in the Olympia the last 2 years and won this show last night. To beat him tells me I am doing something right, I’ll be 43 in a couple weeks and I’m getting better with time while taking out guys who used to be better than me. While losing sucks after winning a contest my goal now is to take over where Melvin left off and get into that top 6 or even the top 10 which I know I can do!” Troy was a crowd pleaser and a fan favorite in this show, he did what he set out to do and has more still to try and achieve. Troy said he will continue to try and dry out the Hams and Glutes with his coach, Chris Aceto as well and bring the Shape and Balance back into the Olympia Line up where it belongs!
    4th: Melvin Anthony walked out onto center stage and collectively the guys around me said, “He’s off!” I looked up and was like, “Whoo!” Melvin sports a beautiful small waist with tiny joints but tonight without the proper conditioning he looks like a “Good Bodybuilder not a Great one” which is what he would have needed to be to slay this field of hungry Lions! True to form, Melvin looked better when hitting the poses but was too far off to raise his standing in the line up, the Hams, Glutes and back were watery and the skin was very thick. On this level in these types of shows where careers are being made and others are put into question, the defending and reigning champion should have brought his “A” Game but sadly that while have to be unveiled Olympia Weekend if he stands a chance at redemption. Melvin posed as if this were an Olympia Contest but without the Separation or Detail his reward would be a bitter sweet 4th place finish that the majority in attendance agreed with. When Melvin is off, his weakness become more apparent: Small Calves, Slight Delts, Shallow Pecs and Quads lacking sweeps. When Melvin is in shape he hides these flaws like a magician but there weren’t enough hours left in the day to pull the necessary water from under the skin before the final announcements were being made. The disappointment and surprise were written on the defeated former champions face as if he were caught off guard or not made away that this show was not going his way after prejudging earlier in the day.
    5th: Leo Ingram the most Muscular guy in the contest and surprise finish from where I sat. The 20 year naval veteran lacked nothing in the Muscle Department but was in dire need of “Cuts and Separation.” Clearly his best poses where the Most Muscular shots but when he opened up for Front Double Bi and Rear Lat Spread you could see the deficiency in detail and skin that was holding water and thick. Leo arguable had the best Quad Sweeps in the contest along with the biggest Arms, Traps and Delts but that said, there was noticeable distention in his midsection that was completely devoid of detail. Smooth across the stomach but yet vascular throughout his physique one could not help but reward this man for the quantum leaps he has made packing on so much muscle to his frame.
    *Olympia Bound- Top 3
    The Rest of the field: Craig Richardson was nearly peaked for this show another week of contest prep and he could have arguably gotten into the mix! Holding a slight film of H2O that allowed others to get ahead of him cost him in the final tally.
    Frank McGrath was a “No Show” for reasons unknown.
    Daniel Seccarreci never materialized onstage from what we saw online in photos. This guy was massive in pre contest pics but appeared smooth, flat and small for a guy his height.
    Robert Piotrkowicz was a Muscular Machine with slabs all over his body but a week or two from having the necessary detail to match it. Appearing a tad “Blocky” when this guy nails his conditioning he will serve notice to some guys who maybe sleeping on the job.

    Atlantic City IFBB Pro 202

    “Finals Wrap Up”

    Fan favorite “The Welshman” James Lewis lived up to the hype once again! Last years Europa Pro 202lb Champion struggled with illness to pull the victory from a hard charging Jose Raymond “The Most Decorated Amateur Champion” in the Pro Ranks today who brought more Muscle but James brought the detail with Muscle for the win!

    The Champ James “Flex” Lewis found himself clinging to the Toilet Bowl not 24 hours before the contest not knowing for certain whether he was even going to make it to the show himself. Dogged by a “Flu Bug” of sorts, James appeared onstage a bit off kilt, color was greenish, not fully flexing his washboard Abs and moving cautiously about the stage from pose to pose with uncertainty. While clearly in a bit of distress, James proceeded to strike the poses and finish what he set out to do which was add another pro win in as many years as a Pro! In search of Win number 2, James held off Jose who was flawless and Big! Lewis showcased his world class Calves and his striated glutes to the delight of the crowd while avoiding crunching down to hard on his troubled midsection. The Gaspari Nutrition Sponsored Pro held his composure and had the right amount of hardness and detail to keep Jose at bay especially in the Hams, Gluts and Back detail departments. James will recover and proceed to the Olympia Showdown in two weeks joining 2009 Champion 202lb Pros; Correa, English, Henry, McQuay and Tricky Jackson in Las Vegas.
    2nd: Jose Raymond at 196lbs Jose was but a sniff away from upsetting James Lewis here in Atlantic City! Jose had the right amount of everything but needed a tad more “Separation” to get the elusive win. Round, Full, Hard and Vascular there was nothing to be taken from the hard working Jose here in the show! Jose had the right color and balance to be one of the last two standing. Best quad sweep in the show next to Open Men Finalist, Leo Ingram and huge Guns on a guy standing barely 5’5. Jose in two more weeks could really make an interesting impact in Las Vegas, time will tell………
    3rd: Clarence Devis from Belgium was an interesting choice for 3rd considering during the prejudging 24hrs earlier; he was not call out in the 1st Round? Clarence in any 202lb contest is a force to be reckoned with however in this show, I though he was holding a bit too much water and overall would be too smooth to beat out Jeff “Box” Long for the final Olympia Showdown qualification spot. Clarence has round bubbly musculature that he shows beautifully when posing. He paid tribute to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson with Moon Walking, leg kicking showmanship that had the loudest crowd response of his peers. With more conditioning, Clarence will be a formidable competitor to those who don’t do their homework. Congratulations to all the guys heading to Las Vegas!

    S RAY

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